The Best Android ROMs

In my last post on finding the right ROM, I highlighted some of the most crucial factors to consider if you want to change the operating system of your phone from the stock Android to a more customized system.  This post is a continuation of the last post and focuses on the best specific ROMs on the market for your Android phone.

For those who have anything other than the Nexus, this one’s for you. There is a reason that the Nexus will always be one of the smoothest operating android devices out there. There is a reason that your slick looking SIII software will never be as mean as the Nexus’. The reason to that is rather simple. We at the geeks association call that reason egocentricism. Why egocentricism? Major corporations like Samsung, HTC, and even Sony usually buy the android OS from Google and touch it up so that it can give you the company feel. That’s why you’ll scroll through a Galaxy and say it feels nothing like an LG. The manufacturers want the phone to have their own personal appeal as opposed to the possibility of everyone sharing the vanilla OS. But how beneficial is this really? Well, if you are superficial then it is very beneficial because the touch-up down by these manufacturers make the systems look amazing but what does it do to the stability? This is when things get real. The system is totally usurped of its initial intense functional capability just so it can look good. Do not get me wrong. The vanilla OS on the Nexus looks great but it looks nothing like the Note 2.

Custom Android ROMs

So, how do we overcome this adversity? That isn’t as difficult as you can imagine. In the world of android there is a little act of revolution known as rooting. For those yet to undergo the rite of passage this is when you uninstall the version of android that your device came with and install a new ROM which are basically modified versions of the OS. Why do people do this? People do this because the developers at Google delay on releasing new versions of the OS. People do this so they can make the use out of their device without experiencing the bloating.

For those who are convinced, scroll through and check out the best ROMs out there.




Why is this on the list? The fact is simple. This is probably the most downloaded ROM out there and those that have downloaded it are pretty smart. With a slick and polished touch Cyanogenmod has been developed for use not only in phones but tablets as well. On top of that is the fact that it offers great features such as native themes support and much more that are not part of the vanilla OS and manufacturer’s touch-ups. What you have here is sex on ice. It is basically what the people have Google would have made if they stopped working for money and started doing it for the love of the game.



MIUICan you pronounce that name? If it sounds something like Me You I then you need to understand that the ROM was initially a localized version of android. However, its elegant and sophisticated look had it escape the nation and become a global icon. This ROM is loved basically because it’s superficial. All about the looks here. No special features are offered and the speed is nothing compared to AOKP. On top of that it looks like something that Apple will sue you for having in your phone so this is a choice you should make very wisely.



AOKPIf ROMs were people then CyanogenMod and AOKP would be identical twins. Just like identical twins they look similar but they do not act the same. AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) is a relative newbie on the pitch. It offers great add-ons and tools that cannot be found in the Cyanogenmod. The development team is also a bit small so do not expect something as polished but when it comes down to speed and stability this is the one for you.


Liquid Smooth

Liquid smoothThis ROM is the reason your mother refused you to go out that night. When you think of an ass kicker think Liquid Smooth. This is probably the only ROM out there that has GApps added right in and its faster than the stock version of the Galaxy Nexus. Yeah, this mother can walk. The entire thing started off with the Motorola Droid but now you have been given the opportunity to splurge in the magnificent essence of Liquid Smooth.