The Android BootCamp at CTIA – Bringing Android to businesses

One of the highlights of the non-showfloor part of CTIA is the panels. Each one this year was a targeted session for either application developers or Business owners looking to find the next way to make their business better. Those companies who are aware have already started to look at Android as a real platform to move to, but what about non IT companies? What about organizations that do not have such a strong technical background, or have a person running their IT unit who is unwilling to change focus. That answer this week was the Android Bootcamp!

The Bootcamp, brought to CTIA by dedicated Silicon Valley Android enthusiasts, hosted a number of keynote speakers from inMobi, GetJar, Samsung, and more. Their panels and discussion groups brought a diverse perspective to allow Business owners and Application developers to get as much out of the experience as possible, and they did a great job. The environment created by this panel reached a defined purpose quickly, and had plenty of time to help everyone who was looking for it.

I am sure everyone who reads this understands the difficulty of explaining Android to someone who has trouble understanding it. Issues that sound a little like “Hey, is that a Droid phone?” and “Is that one of those Google iPhones?” make the job, even one on one, challenging. Not for these guys. The Bootcamp clearly establishes that Android is real, viable for business, and catching up to and bypassing iOS with speed and determination previously unseen. It was truly a great experience, and I look forward to seeing more Bootcamps in the future!