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393 Replies to “Thank You”

  1. New here. Is this the Galaxy S5 area? Let my battery drain completely the other day and after a recharge, various settings were different. Wallpaper gone (although gallery files still there). Occasionally notice camera flash LED flicker when various actions are done with apps. Installed Avast Anti-Virus for general virus scan. I have other questions, but perhaps later. 🙂 Thanks! 2016-10-11

  2. I have Samsung S5 with flip cover. After upgrading to Marshmellow my small screen with (flip cover closed )does not show weather and pedometer data .Advise how to fix it

  3. hello, my father has samsung galaxy note 2 and the screen is not working we cannot turn it on what should we do? this phone is so important to my dad plz help us to solve the problem. Thank you so much 🙂

  4. Unfortunately touchwiz has stopped in my note 3 the screen went dark I restarted but didn’t work
    Any suggestions how to fix
    Thank you

  5. A friend gave me a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus about a week ago and I’ve been trying to get it going since. Listed below are the list of events that have gotten me to where I’m at. Need assistance to move forward. Thanks for your time in advance.

    01. My friend found the phone at a cell phone drop-off location.

    02. He did a factory reset on the phone but it had Google Factory Reset Protection or (FRP) enabled.

    03. He wiped the cache and didn’t do much more if anything before he gave it to me.

    04. I tried to bypass Google FRP without OTG

    • Installed SideSync and started it.

    • Installed Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection.apk on root of the phone.

    • I connected to my Wi-Fi and backed up to the select language screen.

    • Plugged in cable, but the screen saying “Open with” did not appear so I could not move forward.

    05. I tried to find and restore official firmware but had no luck. (Verizon Phone)

    • Model Number on back of phone: SM-G928VZDA

    o Cannot locate firmware anywhere?

    • Model Number on Samsung website when registered: SM-G928VZDAVZW

    o Cannot locate firmware anywhere?

    • IMEI: 990005895668029

    06. Called in reinforcements. My friend is a N.C. State graduate with a degree in Computer Science.

    • He worked on it for hours like me and could not find the official firmware.

    • I was frustrated so I went to play some billiards in my game room.

    • He flashed some firmware but it was not the official firmware needed.

    • He restored some unknown firmware using some unknown version of Odin.

    • I wasn’t watching so I’m not sure what he did.

    • I came to see if he had made any progress and the S6 was in a boot loop.

    • I tried almost every known suggestion on the web and nothing worked.

    • Now the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus is stuck in boot loop.

    • I cannot access Android System Recovery Screen by holding Vol. Up + Power + Home. Holding these buttons does nothing no matter how long you hold it.

    • I’m at a total loss now and need some help.

    07. Thank you in advance for any information you may have to help me get this S6 straighten out.


    Nolan Buchanan

  6. okay my phone was about to day to i turned it completely off and i went to take a shower when i come back it said it was on 96% i didnt think that was a good thing so i tuck it off from charging and i tried to turn it on it didnt work i tried so many thing to turn it on so i tied to put it to charge again and i let it for an hour and then i came back to it and it stayed at 96% i tried to turn it on while it was charging and it didnt work my little brother hold the power button and it went to a setting and i put it so it can restart my phone completely and it didnt work it just has and android sine and it have a !mark and it would take me back to the setting i clicked on all of them for like 2 week now and it still on that setting and if u take it of from the charger it will turn off and when u plug it back it goes to the settings please help me !!!! i want to use my 6 edge again ) :

  7. I have a galaxy s3 the phone works fine when i plug it in if i unplug it afters it unplug the battery drains and it will turn off while having alot of battery percentage after it shut down the phone wont turn on then i wait like 15 min then it turns back on and it works fine but then shut down by it self the screen glitches a little then it shut down

  8. hi ther i have a problem with my htc one m8. Audio is not working on any tune , video the same, when i try to call i s not working , is not reciveing calls, and when i try to go on youtube or google is loading all video or web page and when should start the video or redirect to the website is crashing… i try factory reset many times, reboot and every thing … nothing works…

  9. hi ther i have a problem with my htc one m8. Audio is not working on any tune , video the same, when i try to call i s not working , is not reciveing calls, and when i try to go on youtube or google is loading all video or web page and when should start the video or redirect to the website is crashing… i try factory reset many times, reboot and every thing … nothing works…i can upload pictures if you want

  10. hi ther i have a problem with my htc one m8. Audio is not working on any tune , video the same, when i try to call i s not working , is not reciveing calls, and when i try to go on youtube or google is loading all video or web page and when should start the video or redirect to the website is crashing… i try factory reset many times, reboot and every thing … nothing works…i can upload pictures if you want

  11. Hello, i was charging my phone last night and suddenly it stopped working, it turned off with a samsung note 2 words appeared on the screen, i tried to take the battery out and press on the power bottom but it didn’t work. not sure what to do now, any suggestions?

  12. good day i need help for my phone s6 edge

    i’m men french my wifi turn off all the time i can’t on

    please help me

  13. Hello
    i have an S6 edge, it is always turning off the “people edge” and the “apps edge” by itself. Also turning the “smart stay” off!
    Does anyone have the same prob? Please help

  14. I now have had this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for 2 weeks. I woke up this morning and tried to use my phone but it says my swipe code is incorrect, then it says my back up pin code is incorrect. I have only use the same swipe code and pin on all my phones. What do i do? I am running out of chances before my phone gets locked. I tried my pin twice, then 1111, 0000 and it still won’t unlock. I used my bed before i went to bed and it worked fine till i woke up for work.

  15. Hello my name is Ameen, broke my galaxy s4 digitizer and i bought a new digitizer and i tryed to fix it my self, it was nice but i can’t see the screen the home botton is working and i can screen is working when i tough it but the problem is the screen is black i can’t see anything. please help me.

  16. Hi I have a galaxy s6 edge+ and the home screen has changed to bigger icons and spots for contacts ( very tacky) and I can’t get the traditional home screen back. How do I fix it

  17. I have a Samsung Galaxy s6. I have three post with pictures on Facebook that are grayed out. I can not make any changes to them. I even deleted one of the pictures to try to get rid of the post. HOW can I get rid of these post? I don’t know what to do?

  18. hi folks:
    need help please . . . .
    I installed marshmallow on my HTC M8 ATT (international)
    now my wifi dont work and it shows some bogus MAC address 02:00:00:00:00:00
    baseband version 1.15.2133156.UA13G_21.18m.4096.004L
    kernel 3.4.0-perf-gd7aafa47
    build MRA58K.H6 release-keys

    help please

  19. I have a 6s edge plus and it seem like it has forgotten my finger print and asking for back up password but I did not set one please can anyone help me

  20. okay someone please help me i just reset my phone not so long ago and i cant turn it back on and ive been searching so many sights but i think this one might acually help me so any info you could maybe give me?please ill take a few pic.s to show you how bad it woulnt work and how bad it still doest work any pointers you can give me let me know so i can try to fix it.Thx.

  21. Hi DroidGuy. I have a Galaxy S5 and the LED Notification light always managed to disable itself. That’s one of the main reasons I have a Galaxy, so I can check notifications without unlocking the phone. Can you please help me fix this? It’s been lime this for 2 weeks since I reset my phone. Thank you.

  22. Note 4 here: My phone quit letting me attach pictures using text. Was working fine sending screen shots, video and lone pictures then just quit and says “unable to attach file”. It just quit…I had made no changes and was texting the same people…?

  23. How do you fix this retarded problem?? I can’t exit out, I can’t restart my phone, cant exit out of the stupid thing! So if anybody knows whats happening, help get rid of this thing!

  24. Hi, I have a Galaxy S5 and I dropped it. Since then, it’s been a pain to get to charge. I either have to put the charger in a weird position or turn my phone off and charge it just so I won’t loose battery. Is there any possible way you could let me know what I can do to solve this problem? I dropped it, the screen cracked, but, I don’t know if it’s my battery, charger port, or just the phone that caused this to become a problem. My last Samsung Galaxy S3 had the same problem and when I went in to get help, they gave me a battery charger, with another battery so I could charge one battery while using the other and just alternate it, but I don’t know if that’s the case here. Thank you for your time!

  25. hi, upon upgrading my software on my NOTE 4, and after installing the necessary , my contacts list is now constantly being updated, its 2 days now…and my phone gets hot and the battery runs out. I have tried switching off, Removing the battery . Nothing works. Any thoughts ?


  27. My note 3 has given me grief. I can’t set up vm, send pic messages or use my phone keyboard to push an option when I call. I can dial but that’s it, when asked to press 1 etc it won’t let me. HELP

  28. I have a samsung s4 that I may have lost the android os, doing a wipe data and restore to factory specs. I have no phone service installed, no keyboard, setting, icons, etc, what is the best to do. My computer has a linux 17.1 cinnamon., and don’t recognise trying to download firmware update.How would I backup my system, it dosen’t work

  29. Hello! I just did a factory reset on my S5. First, It took 8 hour. Is this normal? Second, I still froze up overnight. What else is there to do?

  30. I’m using Samsung galaxy S3 shv e210k (olleh) one of the Korean version.Nowadays it does not open completely, when I try to turn on display gets on and shows “Samsung galaxy SIII ” then shows “olleh” and then nothing will happen. About after 15 minutes it gets switched off automatically. What should I do to fix its problem?

  31. Hi, my name is Sean and I have a Samsung galaxy s 5. I was with Verizon but recently switched to straight talk wireless. Will I be able to root my phone? I just read about rooting your phone and it sounds like it’s a good thing?

  32. Hope you can help my note 5 message (text/sms/mms) application is crashing after the small update that fixed security and battery issues I have cleared the cache both ways available. Hope you can help
    Sat Oct 10 13:10:31 2015

  33. My brand new S6 Edge keeps glitching with Windows minimizing back and forth! And key board opening and closing! Lagging and opening and closing. You can feel the glitching opening and closing windows and keeps trying to go to a split screen. I’ve tried reboot, safe mode reboot, and restart. Updating won’t work! Took it back in to Verizon store they couldn’t help!

  34. Hey sorry to interrupt but I have an s5 and everything has been great, I have had it since the end of August. A couple of weeks ago my phone froze, it lasted for half an hour! Resulting in me taking the battery out, and a couple of days ago it would not let me enter in my password and the screen flashed with a previous Web page I had been on. It has been doing this since I got this app called utorrent and got minecraft pe, I’ve deleted it but it hasn’t worked, my phone still has a virus since a screen popped up saying that it did and saying I needed to update my phone. I could use some help. Someone please give me answers!

  35. I would like to kbow many thing but one at a time right. When entering a contact you put them in a catagory where you actually make up the catalog you’re self started like work or family or friends. How do I change the names of catagory I made let’s sat a misspelled name and did not realize it til late . Could you tell me how to delete these catagories. Thank you so much Shelly

  36. My name is chinedu, please my samsung galaxy note 3 Is not connecting with mobile hotspot n i dont know why dat is, and keeps teelling me that sim card is not recognised by verizon. And also my software isn’t updating, keeeps saying its not available

  37. i bought samsung galaxy s6 edge plus yesterday and i dont know about settings and i switched on gestuers present init suddenly my touch doesnt working ,a blue moves from top to bottom,i need a solution

  38. I’ve just upgraded my S 5 to 5.1.1 lollipop.. The problem is that when i’m making a phone call the device is restarting over and over again.. Then repeating the call results the same.. The call is not going at all! Can you propose any solution to this problem please

  39. I have a samsung galaxy s4 that wont pwer on, or charge. Ive tried charging it for 30 minutes and it still eont turn on. I took the battery out and held the power button for a minute still didnt work. It wont even vibrate like its trying to. How can i fix this? New battery? New charging port?

  40. Hola mi nombre es luis diaz y tengo un problema con mi samssun galaxy s5 el modelo SM-G900P versión Android es 5.0 y kiero saber si por favor puedan ayudarme kiero saber x q mi internet no aparese en otros dispositivos y no se nicual es paswor d mi internet y estoi muy disgustado en ese sentido Por favor y puedan Ayúdame

  41. How do I remove Touch Wiz off my Note 3. I have resetTed it and it’s still there. It’s now a default app. I want it off. Please help.

  42. Hello sir my name is David I live in Angola I but galaxy note 4 but my boy wished it with water sine then my note 4 can’t recognize Sim card and the camera is not working fingerprint not working.please I need help.thanks

  43. Hi,
    I have one HTC One M8 with me, the problem is it is not getting Lollipop 5.0 Update!! can u please tell me what will be the problem?

  44. I have a Samsung galaxy

    Samsung galaxy note 4. Every time I try to upload pictures on Facebook the screen goes blank and I have to start Facebook again.

  45. I have a Galaxy s6 edge plus and its 5 days from now. I have this issue when the screen turns off, it remains off even I’m pressing all the keys. I have to wait for a few minutes before it turns on again. It is so annoying, anyone experience this also?

  46. I just got new note 5 and having a lot of issues. First numbers are slow to register when starting to dial it moves very slow to recognize my contacts . Second the battery does not last at all. All the apps are slow to open and frequently get stuck saying wait or close app. any advise is appreciated

  47. Please my sumsung galaxy s2 keyboard is given me headache.when ever am about to text massage the key board refused to appear when I tap the text box

  48. I have a Note 5. I went for a run this morning and had the phone in my bra. I may have changed a setting accidentally but now the phone will only respond to the store pen. It doesn’t respond at all to my finger or even another stylis. Is this a setting? If so, how do I change it back? Thank you for your help. Angie

  49. Hello, my name is Nikki!! I have a Galaxy Note 4 and for the past day my phone says it is 100% charged, but it cuts off every time I disconnect it from the charger! A couple days before tat. My phone would say that’s its 70% charged and then if I go on Snapchat or Facebook, it cuts off like its went completely dead then I will put it back on the charger it cuts back on!! I got this phone back in November of last year and I have neveit dropped it and have always kept a expensive case on it as well!! Can you tell me why it may be cutting off like that not stating on unless its plugged in to the charger?

  50. All my email addresses merged when i started them up on the Galaxy s6 and i don’t know how to fix that. I have an email account for business and one for social and now all my addresses are in the social account and i do not like this so how to fix?

  51. Hello I’m having this problem with my snapchat video, I’m using samsung galaxy 3. It is able to take videos and the problem starts when it’s uploaded on *my story* on snapchat and when I view them and as well my friends, it’s all just full of lines and blank but the sound system of the video works. Can I know what should I do with this problem? I’ve already uninstall the app several times but the snapchat video problem is just the same. Please help me out.

  52. When i got my phone and put on my earphones that i bought i heared nothing from panadora and youtube not asound then on my sisters phone nothing what should i do help please

  53. Got a nice new Galaxy Note 5 today and started to explore the phones capabilities, did a downward swipe to access the setting cog, screen went black, pushed the power button and the Samsung logo came up and nothing else. Noticed red very small print along the top of the screen, stating that CUSTOM BINARY BLOCKED BY FRP LOCK…….Aaaaaaahhh! Any clues as to what I should do???

  54. Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy s5. Lately my phone has been stalling my internet is moving very slowly people send me messages and they don’t come to my phone until hours later.. Any can you help fix this problem?

  55. My note 3 is locking up with the tap to speak screen on the bottom which makes it so I cannot answer my phone or get it to text either. Have to turn off my phone a few times a day at minimum to get it off the screen. I use the talk to text feature all the time so this gets aggravating. I went to the t mobile store and they said 3 people had been in that same day with the problem I had. what can I do?

  56. Hi I need some help with an issue I’ve been facing recently with my Samsung galaxy s5 smartphone. An inbuilt app called ‘Galaxy apps’ used to let me browse different applications for Samsung users but unfortunately I have been unable to do the same recently. When I open the app there’s only three inbuilt apps and I can no longer browse and download other applications like before. Not only that, I can’t even download different modes for my camera since the modes have to be downloaded from the same app that is ‘galaxy apps’. Please let me know if there is any solution/suggestions to this problem

  57. I have a new Samsung s6. I entered the icorrect email address when signing up for Samsung account. I entered an incorrect letter on my email address, now it attempts to sync all the time. I DO have my correct address on there, I see that, but when I try to remove the erred address, ( There are two email address on there, one correct and one not. ) I cannot.

    Isn’t ‘accounts’ under ‘personal’ then ‘Accounts’?

    Now, when I go to account, then Samsung account and tap on Samsung
    Account, nothing happens, the Samsung Account, is not ‘tap-able’. When I
    do tap the ‘more’ on top right, it just attempts to sync my phone,
    which it cannot.

    WOW, really frustrating! What am I missing?

  58. Hi I am really frustrated now!
    my Samsung galaxy s5 is playing up.
    it wouldn’t charge through the wall on through the computer
    and then I was downloading that reboot thing with the robot that says (downloading do not turn off )
    and as I was doing that my phone was also on charge because it was flat but I wasn’t sure if it was charging or not cause it wasn’t turning on. but after that reboot was saying the whole downloading thing my phone just went black and now its not charging or even coming up with that reboot stuff anymore at all please help?

  59. hi guys
    I have a newly phone samsung j5 sm j500h.I ROOTED my phone without any costum recovery.Last time I tried to flash cmw to my phone I download the cmw to my phone and transfer it to my lop top I check the cmw through odin.When Im done checking cmw through odin I simply safely remove my device to my loptop after that I go to download mode and that’s start my nightmare my phone just shutdown never woke up just keeps on vibrating .I remove the battery return it press power key no boot just vibrating after 10 to 15 seconds it stop and keeps on vibrating again.My loptop cannot recognize my phone anymore I even try adb it doesn’t sync.Reboot to recovery no luck tried to go to again to download mode no luck just vibrates.plug in to charger keeps on vibrating same thing when you plug it to
    loptop.It’s a hard brick condition I think.Any idea how to fix this Mr droid guy or anyone I really apprecite and thankful for any kindly responds.

  60. Hello my name is Janet I would like to know 2hy my Samsung Galaxy note3 doesn’t allow me to dial and xtention in the middle of a call

  61. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Your tips for the Galaxy Note 5 have been extremely! Helpful!!! Keep yp the good work!!!

  62. Gm, I just had my Samsung Note Pro tablet setup and synced at authorized Verizon store. I noticed on the notification screen later last evening on my cell galaxy 5s error message SIM Card cannot reach server, contact provider. I cannot go back to store, I was there 2 hrs and waited until they even opened the doors for the morning.
    Section issue I have for awhile – apps just STOP, I hit OK, refresh screen, then it clears. My main concern is the SIM Card error. It was not removed yesterday, I had a new 32g SD Card installed over 2 months ago, I try to move as many apps over for space, only able to move certain apps, sitting here with 27G of SD Card empty. ..frustrating to say the least. I haven’t even begun to play around with the tablet yet, should be just like my cell phone. Cell issues are the most important. Can someone assist?
    Thank you!

  63. Has anyone had problems with S5 and contact list, where it “Hangs” and / or screen disappears for a period of time?, When going into favourites or contacts often name appears and when clicked on, the next screen is blank, so no one can be called. I feel related to this is a hot screen and battery drain.

  64. I bought samsung galaxy s6 edge but I am not able to see notification on the edge. I tried everything like reboot but not helpful.

  65. I have a samsung S5 cell phone. The talk and text will not go away on my screen . When I do finally get it off by turning it off it goes away but when I go to messenger to start chatting it comes up again and freezes there and takes up half the screen, can’t even answer the phone!?!

  66. Hello,I just joined the Newsletter I hope some of my questions will get answered. There is a lot of times that I may be sending a message or playing a game my screen will freeze my letter,numbers an apostrophes keys will not show up or make any indication that I even press any button..What can I do to fix this please????!!!!! I have the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

  67. Hello, im using the galaxy 6 plus and i noticed that if im not using wifi and im just out talking on the phone im not about to use my internet my pics wont come thru because of this. I upgraded from the galaxy 4 and never had this issue

  68. I hope you can help me out, I’ve had ST service for several years now on my unlocked ATT Galaxy S3 and the service was seamless, I decided to upgrade my phone and purchased a new unlocked ATT S5 on Ebay, I purchased a new ATT SIM and called ST to activate it. After activation I could not make or receive calls only text messaging. Called ST Tech Serv again, they suggested I use the T-Mobile SIM that I had for some reason, they activated it and for several days I could randomly make and receive calls, the service was terrible, it only worked sometimes in my town, it was useless. I ordered a new ATT SIM thinking the one I had was faulty for some reason, called and activated it, after several days, I could not make or receive calls only text. I decided to try the new ATT SIM in my old S3, it works perfectly all the time which leads me to believe I have an issue with the new S5, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…….I don’t want to call ST Tech Serv because I can’t understand their accents 99% of the time, they read the same freaking script each and every time so I waist the first 30 minutes getting past the crap and typically they don’t help at all.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  69. I have a galaxy note 3 and nothing will turn on it won’t even charge it won’t turn on so when I charge it the red flashing light won’t be showing please answer my question ASAP at [email protected]

  70. Hello, my name is hamza. I have been experiencing some charging problems with my new s6 edge. It is not fast charging, i tried changing the charger but still it would only cable charge . I really hope support from your team. Even some advice would be much appreciated.

  71. Hello sir!! I have a new samsung galaxy note 3 everything is fine and i like all its features. But i got one problem on it during calling my caller cant hear my voice but i hear everything. i tried to fix with its settings but nothing happened. again when i make it loudspeaker they can hear me. please may be hard ware problem or anything suggest me something.

  72. Hi sir my name is mujeeb. I have an little problem with my galaxy S6 edge. I have an app smart manager. The app requesting me all the time to restart my phone. And aways I see Threat found. Please help me how to fix it 🙁

  73. Hi,

    i wanted root my s5 edge, but something go wrong, my cel is rebooting and rebooting…. PLease help!!!…

    in tHE image you can see my celphone data. i instal a root kernel, over another rooted kernel. The first one dont works, for that i make the second instalation via ODIN.

  74. Hi Droidguy my name is Ntshembiso Mnisi, i just bought a galaxy S6 edge in South Africa which seems to have a problem with RAM usage. the only RAM available is 888Mb out of 3Gb without heavy usage or multitasking. this makes the phone laggy and sometimes freezes when i am playing big games like Asphalt Airborne. how can i increase RAM accessibility to enhance my phones performance and response??

  75. Hi all
    need some help
    I have tried to update my samsung s6 sm-g925k model ,
    It had a Vietnamese 5.01 firmware ,tried to flash it to 5.1.1G925KKKU2COH9_G925KRTC2COH9_G925KKKU2COH5_HOM E.tar .md5 using odin 3.10.7
    all looked ok , after odin rebooted my phone , it said “erasing”… and rebooted again and since then it is stuck on samsung logo
    i can access to download mode , if i soft reset the phone (volume down+power)
    tried to re-flesh again with no luck
    seen a similar post regarding Samsung 6 edge on xda , with a link to sum .tar file that needs to be flashed to solve the issue

    has anyone faced this kind of strange behavior and managed to overcome it?

  76. Falling down from my hands.. there was a break on my s3 screen.. i then picked out the glass then lost my display.. do i have to take a new display or do i have an option to repair it?? my mobile is working fine but without a display after this incident… pls suggest me any epair so that i can undertake a repair in low cost..

  77. Hi there, i have the samsung s2 and i am getting so irritated with this phone i am about to throw it against a wall and forget about it… Problem 1. the phone wont charge, and when it does decide to charge it then its on 50% for some reason and then i take it of charge it says 50% and then it goes back down to 4% after 5 minutes and then freezes. 2. It only charges with certain chargers. 3. it has been saying there is low space on the phone when i have no apps besides whatsapp and bbm. and i cannot do anything about it. 4. and because my battery is going haywire i cannot clear the cahe via holding down up and down volume buttons andpower button. Needless to say this is the 3 battery i have purchased. I am livid!! Please help! TIA.

  78. Hi my name is Fady i have just bought a new HTC one M8 but um facing a problem with checking my software updates where i can’t find the “software updates” tab on “about” section ( setting> about > “software update” ) it is not exist??!!

  79. My note 2 has stopped working completely. It turns on and say unfortunately the process android.process.score had stopped

  80. hey guy my samsung model(GT-S7582) message and call is not working. when ever i touch the call icon it will open message and if i touch the message icon it will open the call. but i can make a call but not message ANY SOLUTION FOR MY PROBLEM

  81. Dear sirs..I did a hard reset on my Samsung note3 and all the apps have stopped. Black screen now keep saying all apps stopped

  82. I have an t mobile
    galaxy s2 phone that the blue tooth will not turn on i was told it hardware is that so or is there another fix

  83. I have an t mobible phone that the blue tooth will not turn on i was told it hardware is that so or is there another fix

  84. plz hepl me. today i m update my samsung A5 lolipop version but my mobile is now going oly download screen. why tell me something

  85. Hello i have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus it for some reason stopped charging and won’t charge at all. i tried to connect it the computer but it won’t read and it has drained all of its battery please help.

  86. I bought s6 edge two weeks ago and now I could not open all its application and even to power it off. Please advise on any solution to such problem

  87. I can not down load new apps my phones storage has less than one gb when I go to storage all keeps saying calculating it’s really frustrating

  88. when i get setting my mobile say”unfortunately. touchWiz home has stoped”. how i can get my phone setting accese

  89. My one month old note 5 seems to a
    have an issue with the touch screen. At start up it will not recognize a swipe command on the screen. Any thoughts?

  90. Hi. I’m having trouble getting on my Facebook for the past wk. Saying unfortunately Facebook has stopped! I have a Samsung Galaxy s6. Anyone else having this problem.

  91. I used to be able to access all photos from the Facebook app to post a picture I downloaded, screenshots, etc. Now, I can only access the camera roll. How do I change it back so I can access other albums please?

  92. hi im justin.. i know my girlfriend is talkin to other guys and i wanna know wats bein said wat app is free that will do this?

  93. hello Good day ! Last sunday when I woke up I tried to open my GALAXY SIII GT-19300 but I cant so I just think that maybe it is lowbat , but when I try to charge its not charging although u can see the battery its just stuck. I open again then when its open its stuck only in the logo , i tried to reboot the phone using the 3 keys Volume Up key, Home key, Power key, but after that nothin has changed. I tried to search a solution in google , i tried also the “wipe data/ factory reset and wipe cache parition 2x” but its just stuck again in logo of S III and nothin changed. I hope u can help me with my problem. Thankyou

  94. hello can you tell me how to fix my galaxy s5mini… it wont start up. It automatically started updating itself and all of a sudden a notification saying ”error” came up and it kept on doing that non stop. it wont go to the reset screen either

  95. Does anyone know how to fix these problems: Cannot copy and paste on my Samsung note 3 phone and when the screen is in lock where you need to put in your pin number the screen is white and hard to see the numbers. I took out the battery but that did not fix my problems.

  96. Dear Mr. Droid,

    My S4 was completely functional until a few weeks ago. I then found that a car charger didn’t work, and when I replaced it, the new one didn’t work, either. But the wall chargers (most having a transformer in a plug with a USB jack) were OK. Then, a few days ago, the wall chargers stopped working, as well. The only way I can now charge the phone is with a USB cable connected to my laptop, but – not all USB cables work. In fact, only one (which has a combination mini/micro plug to the phone) charges, and none of the others do. (That cable, however, does NOT work with a car or wall charger.)

    I went to Best Buy, and they announced that the trouble was in the cellphone USB port, even though they admitted it was odd that only one USB cable would charge, and only with my laptop. The phone is still under warranty, and Best Buy wants me to take it to Samsung, not to them. But before I give up my phone for a week or more, I’d like to know: does this makes sense?

  97. Hello I have always been an apple girl but after the insistence that my son made to me to branch out I bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cos it came in green (my fav) and it’s very sexy to look at and hold. That useless info aside I’m finding it much more fun and easy to use. Plus the camera is far superior.
    Getting to my troubleshooting issue. Last night while half asleep somehow I deleted the app drawer icon from the bottom front screen and now I’m stuck. I don’t know how to get it back. Any other one at all I know how. But that particular one is different. I tried looking in settings for leads with no joy. Can someone help me? Cheers from down under… Belle

  98. Sorry new to this technology…Why does the screen go black in the middle of playing a game app

  99. Hi, I have got S6 Edge and screen has gone blank and now the phone would neither switch on nor would it charge. Please advice on how I could go ahead and rectify the issue.


  100. My friend has a galaxy note 2 , everytime he presses something on thé home screen . It just comes up with pré recorded message . He cant access any functions , apps, messages or even make calls . Can you help please

  101. My name is Taha. I am using Samsung S4mini. Normally taking photos and screen shots will be saved in the gallery. Today I am facing problem that photos and sreen shots taken not detected in the gallery. Once click on clipboard the image gone file not detected

  102. I have a Samsung s5 and I have a few contacts in my phone that I do not get notifications from incoming text messages from these few people. I have noticed there is an error or caution sign( a triangle with an exclamation point) on the right hand side when I go under the conversations page.

  103. Hi I have a galaxy edge that has been great . I have a contact that for some reason when I send a text it won’t delivere when it has before any ideas. I thank you

  104. Hello my name is peter temple. My brother sent me a. Samsung Galaxy S5 from the state and the device keeps going off automatically. Please I will like to no what is the solutions to get out from such issue.i

  105. I have sumsung galaxy note 3 ,SM-N9006, i dont know what exactly happened but it is not displaying * and # i tried to do factory reset but it worked only for seconds and the problem back again, please help me

  106. I’ am unable to use m I am unable to use my phone be because when I turn it on it says warning would yo I’ am unable to use m I am unable to use my phone be because when I turn it on it says warning a custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications would you please help me activate my phone or get it back working again please

  107. after update, my Note 4’s camera is not working.
    i tried to solve it by Hard reset but problem is same.
    then i check online, then i found to clear the data and cache from application manager, but through this way back camera opens but does not focus, remain blur, but when i switch camera to the front, it stuck and masg comes “Warning camera Failed”
    please tell me how can i made my camera in normal condition.
    screen shot is with it for reference.

  108. hi, straight forward I have been hacked & going through my cell in settings, account manager then go all I cant disable any of the Bluetooth or anything with dealing with stealing wifi. I have gone to Samsung ever 2 weeks to get a flash done & have done in a week I don’t know how many factory reset. I there an app to disable or get rid of these apps.

  109. Hello Sir

    I have galaxy note 2. I got crack (long) and crack at top left. After this

    Phone is getting switched on

    If I connect via USB cable, I can see phone memory and all stuff (all folders) available in phone. I can copy and delete contents.

    I am getting incoming call but unable to pick up call.

    Led on left corner blinks after power on


    After switching on phone, nothing is displaying and I see blank screen (just like screen looks when phone is powered off)

    Can you please help me to know? If

    It is LCD problem or only front screen (I think it is called touch) problem

    Or It is very serious problem

    What should I replace so that phone work again

    Thanks in advance

  110. Hello can some one help me with my htc one m8 when i call some one they can not heer me at all buy when i put it on loud speaker then they can why is this and is there a way to fix it thanks if eny one nos

  111. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Clone version with the following details of the device.
    CMIIT ID 2014CPO422.
    The unit was brought from China and it worked fine for a couple of hours here.
    Then the phone does not boot in. It shows the SVMSMVG logo first for a few seconds and then a thick border of a circle and goes blank. However, it also
    keeps the back & the minimise buttons to glow & go off for every 10 seconds.
    I have tried charging the battery fully. I have tried removing the battery & holding the power-on button for a couple of minutes & after a gp of 10-15 minutes to insert the battery & turn it on, but still the same.

    I have also tried to do a hard reset or go to recovery mode with all the possible key combinations, but nothing happens other than what it has been doing when you power it on.

    Pl help.

  112. Hello dear administrators newly l bought a note 4 ATT unlocked from ebay. I put my T-Mobile in. There rarely 4G data connection. I have seen 4G sign but mostly it doesn’t appear. Actually even there isn’t data connection. This is the phone l got

    I checked Internet it seems like it is a common problem. My Second question is can l use it another country in “Turkey”
    Should l return it or?

  113. Hello sir. I want to know whether in my samsung Grande,I can see my miss calls o messages ,like an LG it always show with green light on the middle…Hope you wil understand what I mean

  114. Hello my Samsung galaxy s4 is struggling to charge whilst in use. It sometimes looses charge with the charger init.

  115. hi,, just now ,i am getting black screen after disconnecting the recieved call,,,
    could you please help me…

  116. hello sir my name is akkash i have htc one m8 when i charge the phone with samsung charger it takes 5 hrs to charge the phone i lost my htc charger so i am using samsung charger can u give me solution for this one also the reason why is is talking several hours to charge

  117. I have a Galaxy Note 4 and have a problem with message notification. Sometimes I get the notification sound and sometimes I don’t. I have the volume at the highest level and have had the phone on a table next to me and missed messages because of this problem. Is there a simple fix?

  118. Hi! My name is Nicole. I received an M8 as a replacement for my Samsung that was run over… I have to say… I’m not a fan of my replacement phone. In any event… since I’ve been using the M8, text message delivery to recipients can be hit or miss. Sometimes, my text messages are received by others and sometimes not. It seems that when I am responding to an incoming text, my outgoing texts are almost always received; however, if I initiate an outgoing text it may or may not be received by the recipient. Is this a setting issue? Please advise. Thanks, so much!

  119. Hi am Bitek from Angola I bought an HTC one m8 from Dubai it had been working great for 1yr but suddenly the vibration stop working on it own,it force me to make the factory reset but no change.the vibration come some time on it own and disappear when I received a call but vibrate very slowly.what could be the problem help please I love the device.

  120. I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge yesterday in Bangalore. I am being troubled with a problem.
    One particular contact in my phone book, when just being touched, the message comes as; “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped”. In spite of restarting, the problem reoccurs.

    Please suggest me a way out to solve this issue.

  121. Hi ive got a samsung s6 edge which i got for mothers day, it wint turn on or charge what so ever, when i put the charger in the battery sign comes on then dissapears and nothing happens. please help as i need my phone

  122. This same site posted about this exact issue, which I just experienced for the first time on my S6 Active. The first step they suggested worked for me, a forced restart by holding down both the volume down button and the power button at the same time for 7 seconds. Here’s the link to their post for more troubleshooting info on this issue. Good luck!

  123. This same site posted about this exact issue, which I just experienced for the first time on my S6 Active. The first step they suggested worked for me, a forced restart by holding down both the volume down button and the power button at the same time for 7 seconds. Here’s the link to their post for more troubleshooting info on this issue. Good luck!

  124. Hello…I’ve not found Smart Scroll & Call Block options in my samsung galaxy S5 G900F after updating it to Android lollipop version… do u give me any solution???

  125. My name is Rick. My note 3 discharges the battery instead of charging it when connected to a charging cable. The icon shows that its charging but it discharges instead of charging. If its not connected to the charger, the battery discharges at a normal rate.. I’ve replaced the charging port but the problem perisists. What is the next step?

  126. Hi I’m Suresh. Have a Samsung S4 since last one year. perfectly working . all fine One day last week I get a message to update my software from Samsung. I update. Initially seems fine..all background colors, whatsapp, pages color all changes. looks good. but my “Camera failed”

    . Googled to find out the issues & did the all the 3 steps one after the other when the previous ones failed as per whatever shown , but still my camera does not come back alive. Was it the issue of software that got upgraded or what why was that my camera failed ??.Pls guide.TIA

  127. hi good day! please help me to fix my s5 I can’t send a SMS but my phone has a signal.

  128. Sir…I updated my Samsung note 2 and after update having issue of Network not available on screen i have found EMERGENCY CALL.
    before update NOte2 is working fine.
    suggest what should i do?

  129. Hey i have a gs4 and its only receiving text when someone calls or i make a call can anybody help me with that please and thank you.

  130. I have a galaxy s6. When I send/receive group texts (all of whom are my contacts) some of their texts show up as “unknown address” and I can’t download the message. Any ideas how to retrieve the messages?

  131. Hello, I have had a Galaxy S6 using Verizon for 4 months and have 2 email problems that Verizon or Samsung can’t fix.
    1) I cannot see details of incoming emails when I open them. I try the ‘load more’ button and ‘details’ option, but the only way to view content is to close email & reopen.
    2) (maybe related to 1) I cannot change settings on applications/email for emails to load (set at 25), Limit retrieval size (set at 20kb), or limit size while roaming (set at 2kb). I am using Time-Warner Roadrunner as primary with Hotmail account too so I can sync calendar with my p/c.
    Oh yeah, and sometimes I get a surprise and see old emails re-appear from a month ago!

  132. Hey my Note 3 won’t allow me to see any new received messages in my streams neither does it show that I sent messages… This just happened like 30 minutes ago… Idk if I touched something while on the phone r what but I have tried everything and nothing it’s working… Please Help!!!!

  133. I have rooted my Samsung Glaxy S4. After rebooting it stuck on Samsung Startup logo.
    I reset the device to factory settings but still stuck on that screen. Please help me to fix this issue.

  134. I have a galaxy s4. When I try to either move or remove an app from my touch screen I get a pop up that says . Unfortunately touch wiz home has stopped. After pressing ok the main screen goes blank for a second. Then reloads all my apps back on my main screen.

  135. i want find way to rid of form lollipop/

    i want my kitkat 4.4.4 back…

    if you find it please tell me also

  136. My S5 constantly restarts. I’ve factory reset it 3 times and purged all of the apps and it still happens. I even replaced the extra memory card. It restarts when it’s in or out.

  137. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that has NOT been rooted. I am on the Sprint network and havr unlimited data. The phone’s system is fully updated, as are all of the apps. I plug the Samsung brand MHL-HDMI connector to the HDMI cable, which in turn is connected to my TV. Then plug the adapter into my phone. Lastly I plug in the charger. My screen mirrors but my phone loses service completely. No data, no phone, no messages, NOTHING! I bought the adapter to watch YouTube and Netflix on my TV but without data I cannot. Samsung adapter, Samsung phone, you would think it would work flawlessly. I have scoured blogs looking for any info but have come up with nothing. And I don’t want to root my phone. Please help! Any advice or suggestions would be great. Thanks.

    Thomas Chapman

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Model: SM-N910P

    Samsung HDTV adapter
    Model: ET-H10FAUWEGWW

  138. Muy problem is my updates, I can’t update my phone it say atnt update available, on than it says fail, why it won’t let me update???

  139. jim i bought my wife a galaxys3 fromwalmart and it is on strait talk wireless it has android 4.1.2 operating system on it wondering if there is anyway to update that system because there is a lot of features and use she cannot get called samsung and they said take it to best buy to get free update but they could not do it because it is on strait talk and they didnt have the update software,i have galaxy s4 on strait talk and they could update it because it was originally a verizon phone so i hope she isnt stuck forever with the old android system.

  140. Hi,My S5 Was Constantly Shuttingg off and Now it wont even turn on nor take battery charge what can i do?

  141. Hello Calling form Denmark. Just purchased Samsung S6 edge. I has 100% power loaded, the edge shows time, date and 100%. But the screen remains black. I cannot get on with the phone – open the apps, etc. The screen remains black?? I cannot shut down the phone either. Or get any reaction from any of the buttons…?

  142. halo i have a Samsung galaxy s4 GT-19500,
    but i have
    problems with the mobile data connections. it brings a massage on the home

    screen that says “unable to establish a wireless data connection. LTE:
    ESM- 30 EMM-x”
    what could be the problem?
    thank you

  143. I have a HTC One m8 and I do not play games on my phone nor do I have game apps on my phone but for some reason I have pop ups of a little troll looking man pops up and then it game pops up want me to download it how do I get rid of this

  144. Hello I have the s6 edge 128 GB and 2 weeks ago my husband cell phone same as mine kept saying no SIM card found they had to replace his cell phone. No my cell phone is doing the same thing please help me, I have done everything that it says but still can’t get my cell phone to get the sim card excepted.

  145. I have a Galaxy Note 4. When accessing the Phone to direct dial a number, the screen freezes and displays the following… ‘Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped’. I tried resetting factory defaults and still get the same error. I can dial going into the Contacts and calling anyone in my address book.

  146. My Galaxy Note 4 camera is always blurry when I take a picture. It has been this way, I have had it for 4 months, never been dropped. I took it into store and they said they fixed it, they kind of hit it on the side it took a clear picture while I was there. When I left the next couple days tried to take a picture and was blurry again… is this a known issue?

  147. Hello, My name is Robert and I have a galaxy s3 using 4.1.1 and starting yesterday it stopped recieving text messages unless i made an outgoing call at which time all text messages i missed would come thru all at once until i disconnected from the call and then it stopped recieving sms again until i made another call.

  148. Hello to all i´m Miguel Costa. I´ve the cel Samsung S6 Edge from 1 month til now and today it is not starting anymore “i do know why” but is flashing one blue light….can you help me please to solve this problem

  149. Hellow sir my s4 i9505 is charging very very slow fully charge in 8 hours. i change battery,also charger. but have no solution.
    please anyone help me. thanksssss

  150. John just go to your settings and scroll down to the application manager and then find the applicationthat would like to remove and click on it to open it and you’ll see the uninstall tab on it and it will ask you if you are sure you want to uninstall and click yes….the app will be uninstalled…hope this helps you out

  151. I have a new Samsung 6 Edge. Yesterday after non use for a few hours, it will not turn back on. There is a green flashing light but the screen remains black. I have undertaken actions for a guy on your page with same issue but he has a blue flashing light, except rebooting, which I fear I will lose all my data. Any advise would be welcomed. thanks Chadd

  152. i have a galaxy 5 and i can get to my account settings on Facebook but nothing will open up in account settings. any suggestions?

  153. i have htc one m8, its camera not working at all, but it working in safe mode. plz help me sir…

  154. I recently bought a Galaxy Note 4 and downloaded some apps. How do I remove an app that I no longer want?

  155. I have a note 4 it’s driving me crazy! Random restarts constantly everything has stopped working, ui, Google +, Facebook, contacts, TouchWiz, it is happening constantly help me please! I did a factory reset. it didn’t work!

  156. Hi. I just upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to 4.3 last Tuesday,06/23/15 and today, I noticed that I can’t send and receive SMS and Calls on my phone. I don’t know if the problem is my phone or my sim card. I tried restarting the phone and reinserting the sim. I almost tried everything. I can’t try a new sim because I have no extra micro sim in my house.
    When I send a text, it says “currently unable to send your message. it will be sent when the service becomes available” then it goes on a message loop. When I try to call someone, it says “Not registered on network”. The signal bar is full though. 

    Is there a way to solve this issue without having to root my phone?

  157. Hi I can’t send or receive pictures via text message on my Samsung galaxy note2 how can I do this

  158. my finger open op has vanished I do no remember putting a password in.What I used tor a password i do not Kown

  159. My contacts continue to multiply like if I have a contact under bill it will appear 3 or 4 times with no numbers in them ?

  160. Hello my name is Jeff. I have a note 3 and when on camera app everything is rotated 90 degrees. Pictures are sideways and upside down. Can you help me ?

  161. I have galaxy 5 and my camera screen is missing the “setting” icon…without it I can’t set anything…no zoom either? In the mode I only have 3. Choices and the tutorial shows many more??

  162. Hi,
    i’m having trouble to share my internet data, when i do ON the mobile hotspot, it gives validation error,
    could you please guide me how i can fix this error.

    your kind response would be appreciated.

  163. Good morning. I have a galaxy s3 and I couldn’t open attachments sent via text but now I can but now I cannot send text messages. I can receive them but I cannot get the dialog box to open and enter the letters and/or numbers. Can someone help?

  164. Hi guys ! =D anyone here using HTC One M8 phone??
    why my HTC One M8 after on the wifi, the wifi light keep on and off automatically ?

  165. Hi I need the sm microphone on keyboard to come back I can’t find out what I did. Ned to send vocal msgs

  166. I have been experiencing some problems with my Samsung S4 after the new 5.0.1 update. About 90% of my apps have been deleted and my home screen is pretty much blank now except from my email and online banking apps. I just want to restore my apps and my Play store won’t let me download my apps again as it just flashes black and white then doesn’t work. 

    Please help!

  167. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy 2 CAMERA. Can anyone help be upload my photos to my computer, or even its Dropbox? I can’t even email them, but once I could individually. I’d like to empty this camera an throw it away.

  168. Hi there my name is faddli from Singapore, the problem I face is after sending my phone for repair due to data ic , is my note 2 Internet signal always on g, ive tried change the apn setting base on M1 apn setting, kindly advise

  169. Dear,

    I have bought samsung galaxy S3 from Korea…and using it in Bangladesh…all features are ok but i cant make a phone call or receive a call…When i call it dropped or when i received a call it dropped after 50 sec..i have tried all type of the problem is same……i have brought two samsung galaxy s3 but the problem is same on both phone. I will be highly greatful if you give me some advice about this problem.

  170. I have a galaxy s5 active and my apps won’t move when I press them. I am unable to rearrange apps on screen. but the screen works to open apps. Please help with this frustrating problem

  171. Hi I have just bought a Galaxy6 I have bt wifi it tells me I am connected on my phone but when I go to facebook- instagram the feed will not refresh and also if I try to access the internet it won’t download If I am in any other places with wifi I don’t have a problem everything downloads and refresh. I also had this problem with the 5. This error started about 3 months ago with the 5 and now with the 6 I have tried restart- change channels and pressed the wifi button on the bt hub5. Am now at a loss what to do bt says its the phone not them.

  172. Hi. I have a very new Galaxy S6. Everything is nearly set up but no matter what I do the email wont set up. I put int he details and the app checks for Incoming Server Settings but then I constantly get the message Authentication Failed, so cannot complete. I have even tried deleting the account through set-up and trying again.

  173. Hello there …. there’s a problem on my galaxy s3 i can not hear any sound at all during calls bit everything else seems to work just fine and i can make calls on viber and skype so please help me

  174. My name Thinesh i want to inquiry about my samsung s2 i9100g.Right now my android version is ais cream 4.0.1 let say if i want to upgrade to jelly bean 4.1.2 will i have get any some software problem such as camera failed , bluetooth failed or its juz a roomer i will have that kind of problem.please let me know.

  175. I have the samsung galaxy note 4 it is rebooting a few times every day my operating system is version 4.4.4 I dont have a clue whether its software related or a hardware problem. Anyone have any ideas about this

  176. My phone showed it was updating and when I went to play my music it was all gone and my pictures in my galleries were deleted as well and when I try to download music it will download but it won’t show on my music

  177. Hi anyone here can help me on my Sansung S6? I can’t install the Google Play Services. Unknown error occured during installation. Its error 505

  178. hi my mobile has recently been playing up I have the Samsung galaxy s5 and whilst I am on the phone to some one it goes off for about 30 seconds where I cant hear the other person and comes back on again what is wrong with it and how do I resolve it. also sometimes when I have incoming calls I cant answer them.

  179. hello my name is Nicky , i bought my samsung galax s4 in Egypt , year 2013 , but today i have some camera issues , it doesn’t work propery , i need to know how i can fix it myself

  180. hello my name is zain i have a problem with my phone i have xperia z1 and by mistake it become network locked and i have tried to un locked it more then five times is there any solution for this can any one help in this pleas???

  181. Hi, I just tried to do a factory reset on my Galaxy 3. Now my phone wont come on all the way. It get to where it says, T-Mobile 4LTE, and stays there.

  182. I just updated OS lollipop to my samsung galaxy s5 after I just hear music through device but when I put earset jack no sounds how can I fix this problem?

  183. My note 4 is running 5.0.1 and it constantly freezes and goes to apps not selected. I do not want to do a factory reset… Suggestions to [email protected] thanks so much in advance.

  184. Hi. I am trying to share the logs of my S Health tracker for exercise (cycling) but everytime i tries it notifies me “Unfortunately S Health has stopped” How can I correct this problem

  185. Curious if anyone has asked this earlier or had this problem. Over the last couple of weeks when I get a text during a call with my Bluetooth connected my S5 will disconnect not allowing more conversation with it until after I turn off the Bluetooth and then turn it back on. That is until the next text received. It doesn’t matter which of the 3 Bluetooth devices.

  186. Hi, I used to save videos sent to me by text to my old phone, the S4, I now have the S5 active, and I cant find out how to save. Please help. thanks

  187. Hallo sir iam cige i have loading problems and boor quality Internet speed please help me thank u

  188. I have Samsung galaxy tablet 4 (10″screen), I’ve had for year this past mothers day. My screen has been distorted, with lines and it looks like a split screen. Will this be easy to fix and can I find a retail place to fix for cheap.

  189. Hi , i have problem with my Samsung S3 ,after reboot it was happening.After reboot not allow me to enter with my name ,auto start with pop up .so i am sending you the pic ,please let me know what to do. thnx in advance

  190. Hello, I just purchased a Samsung Note3 & every e I take screenshots, they are doubles. I’ve reset my phone constantly. It also wants me to edit first screenshot HELP.

  191. Hello,
    Every time I take a screenshot it takes doubles. Why is that?? Please help. I’ve restarted the phone several times.
    Thank you

  192. I am NOT a happy Samsung customer! As of January 1st, 2015, this is my FORTH replacement phone! I’ve had one that would reset itself to factory settings every night, one that wouldn’t do updates, one that froze up constantly and now this, my FORTH replacement will not let me do a video or take more than one picture at a time without locking up and the only way to get it to start again is to remove battery!
    As per Verizon they can’t give me a NEW phone, only someone else’s refurbished garbage! So, what do I do? Can it be an app I’ve downloaded causing issues? My husband has the exact phone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bought at the same time and has had no problems. I’ll never again buy a Droid product if this is how customers are treated

  193. Hello, I have samsung galaxy s6 edge. When I call someone they can’t hear me or I am talking to low. What could be the problem?


  195. I have had my Galaxy s6 edge for one week. Now it appears the battery is dead, will not take a charge. It is just a $200 hunk of metal, gorilla glass and plasitc. How does one performa factory reset. Does this delete all apps and contacts?

  196. hi! I’m getting a problem with my samsung galaxy s2.
    It”s turning off suddenly after being turning on although the batterie is fully charge .
    please help me !

  197. 2 weeks ago when I try spam emails I get ( Unfortunately email has stopped working). This pops up every time! I have a galaxy S4 and I have cleared cache and removed the battery. Problem is still not resolved! Enter

  198. Hello There I am Having a problem with my Htc One M8. I had tried to Hard Reset My Phone by the volume key and power button, but what i did was deleted all the operating system and many more, and then i pressed fast boot and it gets hanged on the htc logo and then nothing happens then i tried to do many things through the htc tool kit still i dont know what to do. its been 5 months took even to shops showed it to htc service station and they bloody said is to change the bloody mother board its a new bloody phone and they want me to pay for changing the mother board i brought another m8 but i feel pitty to see this one left like this would be greatfull if i get this working please do help me.

  199. Hello, I have the Galaxy Note 3 since the Lollipop update when I change the ringer to vibrate my phone does not vibrate it’s either silent or very faint where i can’t feel it to get my notifications. How can I fix this?

  200. Hello and good day! Got my new S5 AT&T unlocked phone. I was able to connect it to my home wifi and tried to use the playstore to download apps. My problem is i can’t log-in to my google account in order to use the playstore. Don’t have any issue on my existing google account and this is what i’ve been using on my other android gadgets. This is the screen message everytime i tried to sign-in to my google account “Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care”.
    I’ve search the web and it showed that this is an old issue but I can’t find any solution to a S5 phone. Please help, TIA.

  201. I have a galaxy s5 and i updated it to the lollipop 5.0 and now it wont let me send text messages. What do i do?

  202. Hi,
    I bought the Galaxy s6 a few weeks ago with Vodafone Ireland. Have noticed that when I click on the contact or log to make a call, it doesn’t connect and I need to click again. This is also the case when I input a number on the keypad. Have tried different diallers and still the same.

  203. haloo every ..i have just flashed a custom rom omni v5.1.2 on my samsung gti1900g.and problem is after flashing my phone dosen’t recognize sim card .giving msg plz insert sim card…plz help me

  204. How can I solve this problem of contacts not being displayed in Whatsapp on My Samsung Note 2 GT-N7100 ?

  205. Then I have to spend hours setting up my ? AGAIN?! I think I will just go get the S6 Edge if I have to do that! Thanks for the tip though.

  206. I can’t get my lenovo idea pad (window 8) to recognize my HTC One M8 so that I can download photos. Anyone have any idea how to make it work? I downloaded HTC Sync and it says that my phone isn’t plugged n. I have tried plugging it in to every USB port onmy laptop still no luck.

  207. I have a new Samsung Galaxy note 2, now it will not power down, it just restarts,and now it will not charge the batt

  208. My s5 won’t let me send pic by text or email. It also won’t use Google maps even though my location and mobile data are on. Anyone any ideas? Much obliged. K

  209. My S2 was so overloaded that nothing could be done …it kept saying it was without enough memory. I added memory and and put all my photographs onto the SD card. My computer programmer, very savvy, checked; G+ APP was using 65% of my phones’s memory. I said to eliminate all their stuff they put on there site like the photos, etc. Now, I realize that my APPs including Gmail, G+ Playstore, and G+ are all missing. I cannot get my mail nor reinstall what is missing. I do not know how. I hope Dropbox is still there, not connected. So, I really need HELP please. Thanks.

  210. Please help. Recently done an update on my Galaxy S5 and now it is completely dead. Wont switch on or charge or nothing. Please help? xox

  211. I have HTC ever since I updated software the phone does not answer calls. When I make call it rings but there is no sound whatsoever, the person can not hear or receive the call that I have tried to send it to.

  212. Hi I have HTC and after update the phone does not answer calls. When I call it rings but there is no sound whatsoever and the person cannot hear me or I can’t hear them even voice mail same, call that I have tried to send it to.

  213. Hey guys, after the lollipop update, I can’t seem to drag and move or drag and remove apps like I used to. I keep getting a “TouchWiz Home is not responding” How can I fix that. Thanks. DAVE

  214. I have the Galaxy Note4 with Verizon. Since the Lollipop update my device sucks! As a matter of fact, I am going today to get the Galaxy S6. A device that was built with the OS, is completely different than a device that has to update the OS! I could go on for hours with all of the problems I’m now having due to the update, that I was really looking forward to! It’s crazy to me that carriers take no responsibility for a device that is 3 months old & no longer works! At least have a solution for us, because I know my phone is not the only one acting bizirk! Good Luck, & please keep the Android info coming. I love it and you have helped me more than anyone at Verizon! I will continue to be a loyal reader. Have a Great Day Android Peeps! The S6 Edge kills the new iPhone by the way!

  215. Hi, Just got my Samsung Galaxy s5. Yea, a little behind the times….Anyway, How to I get rid ot the annoying jingle that plays when I turn the phone on or off? I did it with my s4 but can’t figure it out on the s5. It makes me crazy!!! Thank you

  216. Hey guys galaxy S5 new out the box but my 3rd one. With my second S5 new replacement from asurion within 2 days I was prompted with the so long for lollipop update!! But before I could update there were 2 other updates I needed to fulfill in the same OTA message from verizon. So within an hour I had lollipop!!! Woohooo. Then the issues started.I had all the same issue, over heating battery draining fast, contacts ended error and much more. I delt with them for almost 2 months. But then the device over heating became an issue I called and received a,replacement. So I then decided when the OTA update comes for lollipop I will just decline it and wait for it to work itself out. We’ll I had forgot about the 2 updates to the software that weren’t lollipop them self but updates needed for lollipop to run on my S5. those OTA updates popped up and I thought what’s the harm I won’t do the lollipop update and just wait so I downloaded and installed without issue. Until about 2 or 3 hours later, I got all the same errors overheating contacts has stopped Yada yada. To make a real long story longer I don’t think it’s lollipop that’s the issue at least in my case bc I haven’t installed it yet when my phone was new out of the box for a couple days it was fine and day one I installed my backup on it so same stuff as old phone. Soon as I installed the updates that are needed to install lollipop boom phone goes to crap I may,have missed in the post of S5 lollipop fixes and glitches people telling about the 2 updates before hand but I don’t think so.could it be those updates and not lollipop itself causing the issues?? Well you guys get my drift I hope and feel free to rewrite or doc whatever you need with this entire post I would love to see it on the next edition of fixes and glitches. Thanks for reading. Dedicated user and reader, Al. E

  217. Hello good evening to all im from italy i have Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sm-n910f in already update new version lollipop but now i have some problems my device is sometimes freezing how can possible this problem fix??????

  218. Hi there I have a HTC one m8 a att phone that I’m using with straight talk. Here is my problem, I am trying to turn my phone into a hotspot but it is telling me to contact att. I have tried different apps but none seem to work. How do I get it to work?

  219. Hello,
    I have a Samsung galaxy Tab S 10.5. I have a few problems with which I hope you can help me.
    * I cannot access a memory stick when I connect it to the micro usb port
    * When I click on the Update app, it crashes
    * I cannot find the USB settings to change them
    * Kies V3.0 cannot connect to my tablet.

    can you suggest anything that I can do to resolve the above problems. I have searched the knowlegde base without success. Thank you

  220. I have a galaxy 4. I will be texting someone and the next thing I know the phone is calling that individual. This is really embarrassing and I was wondering if anyone else is having that problem and can it be fixed?

  221. I just got the htc one m8 I love this phone but I find when I use speeker phone it sounds distorted

  222. I’ve a s4 and since update can’t send or receive emails on MSN keeps saying unable to connect to server. Gmail is fine help please !!!

  223. My HTC ONE M8 has continuous vibration repeated almost every half minute for no reason. with all notification alerts set to off, the vibrations happen one after the other after every almost 30 seconds. Can u suggest what needs to be done. I bought this phone on line on Ebay in July 2014

  224. Hi my camera galaxy s4 not working popup say ^failed^ . How to fix my camera ? Can you give me apk or anything for fixed ?

  225. I have anew unlocked Verizon s4, that I have running off straight talk using the at&t network. Currently I am running jellybean 4.3.. I have read all the issues and problems with st apn settings. . If I do a software update, will I still be able to use all the features on my phone? Thanks! !

  226. hi my name is sherwin i have a galaxy S5 since i updated it my camera does not work….when i try activating the camera feature it said (warning …camera failed) can you please help me

  227. Hey
    You talk about safe reboot, how can I do this? Also, what if my screen is black? I own a Samsung Note 4 that is 1 week old. I happen to be on my way to return it! Black screen, freezing up, scrambled screen, jumping to Samsung and Google apps on its own. I had a Note 3. Not one problem.

  228. after hard reset when menu commes to select launguage many programs say “unfortunately (my app) has stopped workng” please help
    me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  229. Hi my name is Steven my Galaxy S ii are unable to connect to my house wifi. Whereas my
    children can activate. Please tell me how to fix it.TQ

  230. I’ve can’t figure out how to delete text history since I updated my note 3 help!

  231. Hello quick question wondering why my galaxy note 2 doesn’t have the speak to text option available anymore I’m place of it there’s the moji smiley face option could you please help

  232. htc one m8
    .mp3 files sent from email show up in default messenger as .null files and cannot be used.

    Can then be sent to PC and via name change can be changed from .null to .mp3 and will then work normally, so the file is good. My phone is just changing the file type… why would it do that and how do I make it stop?

  233. Hi,My note 2 galaxey stopped working as I deleted an apps and a message keeps on appearing ”unfortunately the process android has stopped”can you help please

  234. ok so my sister destroyed her s5. it definately needs a new lcd and screen which i am all over but what i am worried about is when i plugged it into computers to get and info off it it came up empty now my sister doesnt know where the sd card is but even with it not there shouldnt there be other info that should pop up on a computer? i cant open it on my mac because i can unlock it to use kies and i am also wondering if it would be bad if a connected my s4 lcd to it to see the screen?

  235. Samsung galaxy note 2 says download unsuccessful every time I download music from web , any help or solutions ???

  236. Hi i am having problem in my samsung s3 mini neo that when i receive call i can not hear properly i just bought the mobile 2 days ago pls. advise. thanks

  237. Hello Sir….
    i am from kerala, India…
    actually i beg your help to get me connected with internet.
    now i am in another state Maharashtra
    here i dont get my data network connected still i am in roaming…
    i will be great if u can help me…

  238. I dropped my samsung s3 and a couple of days later the screen turned black in one corner and all the other colors on the screen went red and green with some of the screen having colored lines thru it .so I’m wondering what all will need replacing

  239. my galaxy s 3 mini keeps trying to sign in to my gmail, and it says it fails and I keep getting notices that it failed. my email is working fine if i turn off the notifications it turns off all notices and i miss calls and texts how do i stop it?

  240. How do u get flash player? Do i have to use different browser. Whst about rrooting my phone how and does it m as ke my phone stronger? Have galaxy 3 . I also have problems charging my phone and it goes quick.

  241. Hi , I have an HTC ONE. -8 , it used to play a little tune when I plugged in the charger , now it doesn’t anymore since the phone updated , also a lot of the videos have no volume anymore on Facebook , they work perfectly on you tube but when I try them on Facebook again , no volume , I have checked all the settings I can find and literally every thing is set at a hearable volume . Can anyone please tell me how to get its little charger tune to work again ? Thank you .

  242. Hello my name is steve my galaxy s4 won’t hold onto my email settings keeps saying sync disabled anyone help

  243. Hi! I have a Samsung S5 and it was updated in the past few days (lollipop?) and now when I try and open my contacts it just says “Updating Contacts List” It never changes. When I pull up my phone I can not get my contacts there either. I cleared my cache from contacts and the phone. Nothing helps. I took it to Samsung rep and he was baffled as well. Said the Contacts app preset in the S5 must be bad. It was working great until the update. I know my contacts are still there as I can type a number to call and it will show a name. Trouble is I am spoiled and rely on my phone to find the tel #’s as I do not remember them all. Can you offer any help?? Thank you so very much!

  244. I have samsung galexey 5s and when I make the calls it always says that the international call. Can not be completed I went to settings and made sure all that international calling settings were off how do I fix this

  245. I accidentally activated the Talk Back Feature, now I can’t do anything with my phone, it won’t let me get into messaging or anything! what do I do?

  246. My Galaxy S5 camera has only 3 mode setting, auto, beauty face and panorama.There is no setting button to change its settings just an image of an SD card on the bottom right corner. Any ideas on how I can get back all the modes.?

  247. While rooting my galaxy note 2 via mobogenies one button root…my phone went blank and lost communication with my PC and I am unable to shut it off or on…can I recover from this or is my device hopelessly “bricked”?

  248. Last week I updated my Galaxy S5 (T-mobile) to Lollipop. Sense then I have NOT been happy. The “Ok Google” function no longer works from all screens, only the screen with the Google search widget. It also will not work while I am using any other app. But, the huge headache is that the Smart Stay no longer works at all (and yes it is checked in the settings). There have also been other issues, such as getting a message that my contacts have stopped working, Lookout stopped working, etc. Any suggested fixes would be greatly appreciated!

  249. Hello sir , my name is andre and i recently updated the new lollipop update on my galaxy s5 , and for some reason when i click on my contacts, they wony load , all it says is that its updating my contacts, please help

  250. Hi. OK so I sent a group text. God only knows why. Now I want to stop it… how do I make it stop?

  251. I wrote to you recently about my Samsung Galaxy SII these are the issues :
    Texting then ‘Force Close’
    problems started about 3 weeks ago now when it was failing to enter the
    Text facility. I cannot view, write nor compose any text.
    Very long
    story short, Samsung chap ‘Ibby’, got me to do a Reboot (NOT a factory
    reset) the chap ‘promising’ that it wouldn’t change anything! It did !
    this rebbot, where previously is was ONLY the texting that was a
    problem, I am now unable to use the cameras, the alarm clocks (it can
    turn on the current ones on those days but no changes can be made), all
    pictures have gone and I am really worried that I have now possibly lost
    ALL the texts. I get constant and ongoing dialogue boxes telling me
    something isn’t working and ‘Force Close’ is the only option.
    I wonder if a software update might sort this – but will it?
    wonder if a factory reset will sort everything ? But as I would lose
    all the texts for sure I haven’t wanted to do this (yet) until I have
    exhausted every possibility of saving the texts.!
    Please help if you can, it would be so very appreciated. 😀

  252. Galaxy Note II freezes with white light flasing continuously, when i had left it alone for a while.(And a KitKat 4.4.2 OS fireware updated was not successuflly yesterday)
    What should i do now, and suggestions thanks!

  253. I just got a refurbished HTC yesterday. It seems to work great except for sending MMS or copy/paste text messages. I can receive them just fine. I’m not a techie so I have no idea what to do.

  254. Hello sir, I am using Samsung Galaxy S4 I9515 Series.. facing problem in PLAYSTORE UPDATING APPLICATIONS and DOWNLOADING new one.. applied few steps as per google search solutions i.e.

    *Clear cache + clear data + force stop (download manager)

    *Clear cache + clear data + force stop (Google Playstore)

    *Clear cache + clear data + force stop (Google Play Service)

    *Clear cache + clear data + force stop (Google Services Framework)

    *Removed Google Account

    *Generate New Account (On basis if any serious Virus occured in my previous gmail account)

    *Factory Reset the Phone

    Nothing happen bro, Google playstore is not responding in respect of updating & downloading… Please help me out.. Thanks

  255. hi, am using galaxy tab 4 10.1 and i just had a massage that i cant access internet with the data unless i use wifi. please how do i fix this. i need your help please.

  256. Receiving most texts as multimedia that won’t download… when content isn’t multimedia. other than powering off and removing battery efforts, how can i solve? thanks

  257. I have the Note4. Is there anyway to set the space bar to add the period at the end of a sentence with a dbl tap like…you know? We use iProducts for work and that is the one feature I miss.

  258. Sir,after update of my HTC one m8 line software is not working properly .I have a voice problem with calls no-one can’t listen to me and I can,t listen to other person.can u guide me ?

  259. I have a question. I already asked in xda developers and im still asking it. Plz anyone help me.

    I have a note 3 n9005. Recently i have update it to 4.4.2.. Surprisingly now my ram is just 1.72gb. On jellybean it’s around 2.7gb. How could this happen guys. I needed help..

  260. Hy I am using galaxy s4 I rebooted it yesterday, but now everything has changed the menu,I can’t rotate,do some effects and crop the pics

  261. Dear Sir’
    My name is Owais. I have Samsung galaxy s4 Mini GT-I9195. i face a trouble from last week my phone shown the camera failed message till i am not restart my phone or till i did not clear the data from application manager. so please give me solution regarding issue.

  262. Hi, My name is Lindermann, I have a Samsung note 3, that I only use as a tablet.
    I cannot open utube files that I download, NOTHING opens them!! Also I see the download on the tablet is missing characters : // Why? The red oval APP with the White RH. arrow will not open them, NOTHING else will either!!

  263. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, purchased in December 2014. It keeps turning the volume all the way down by itself. I hear a little sound and when I check, the volume is OFF again. I turn it back up and it happens again less than a minute later. I need to be able to hear my phone because I have alarms set for medications. Please help!

  264. Hi my name is employer give me a Samsung Galaxy Note 2…i want to download viber and skype but i cannot because my phone has no playstore application…please help 🙁

  265. I had the same thing happen to my husband’s phone (SGS4) and it turned out that the phone port (i.e. for charging) was damaged. Although the phone was still under warranty, it was much cheaper than having the repair made by the service provider. I think it was less than $15 and the information to repair is readily available online, assuming this is the problem with your SGS4. Good luck! Hope this helps.

  266. Hi guys,
    I have a Galaxy s5 I too have speaker problems every call I make people on the other end complain they say they don’t understand me. I’m just so fed up.


  267. Hi i am using my samsung galaxy s4 and the battery was around 12% and i plugged it in to charge. After about an hour, i took up the phone and i noticed it had been turned off,no one could have done that so i decided to turn it on.I tried many time and took out the battery,i tried to hold down all the knobs of the phone and still nothing. Can you help me with that problem,because i tried the steps you all posted on the website,and after ten minutes it heating up and not turning on.

  268. Hello I have a Galaxy S3 n my three year old son had my phone an for some reason it turned off an started doing some upgrade he managed to get the battery out while middle of upgrade an now it turns on but stays on the samsung screen when first turning on an stays like that .. why wont it fully turn on?

  269. hi. i’m using note 2 lte. i cannot update my software as “registering device” is failed. what can i do to update the software

  270. Hello, im Robin, my Samsung Galaxy S2 started acting weird, Im having black screen and it wont show me anything anymore, the phone is charged and has power, when i turn it on, it keeps giving me black screen, any solutions or tips?

  271. I have samsung galaxy s4 i9500. I was looking at apps when phone went blank, came
    Back with basic screen, and said something, signature verification on ODIN failure. Can’t
    download recoveries or uninstall odin or anything. I don’t have pc , I am 63 have very limited with smartphone. Can you help?

  272. Hi I am using the Nexus 5, and My phone seems dead now, but with the blue message notification light blinking. My phone had been giving me trouble charging a few weeks ago, so I was going to replace the charging port soon(waiting for the piece). I realized when I tried using another charger, that it was working fine so maybe the first charger was. But after a few days it became very slow in charging. Today my phone seems dead now, but with the blue message notification light blinking

  273. Hi there I’ve recently order a Samsung galaxy s3 of line and the screen keeps flickering then going blank. Can you suggest anything. Please, please.

  274. hello my name is ahmed amine i have a samsung galaxy s3.Today my phone start close and open alone all every 5 seconds it closes and go back like I have just opened. I did a complete reset (wipe cache, wipe data/factory reset). but i dont find solution . I have buyed years a go. Please help me and thank you

  275. Hi, I have recently bought a unlocked phone off Amazon. I switched it from AT&T to Staight Talk and the phone works only that I was lucky if I got every other text and maybe…maybe I could make a call or receive one. But the 4g worked. I don’t know what to do. It’s running off a Straight Talk SIM card. I checked the towers in my area and their very strong. ??? Please I’m stumped.

  276. Help.. I i just got my Samsung Galaxy s4 and i tired to take a picture in the dark..and the flash did not work. I was on the Auto application. Did I do something wrong? -thanks

  277. Hi

    My phone was working perfectly till i performed an update to my phone and when i did i got stuck on the HTC ONE x screen. I’v tried fast boot, factory reset, clear cache but when i try starting it its still getting suck at the same point.. How do I fix this problem??

  278. hello sir i’m using samsung galaxy note 8.0, i rooted my note and download some apps so that i can move it to SD after i download this theme i always encounter a problem the apps won’t open, i already try to wipe all the data but nothing happens..please do help me thanks

  279. S health on my note 3 will not update correctly and constantly errors. I have reset cache & data but nothing has worked. It is not usable.

  280. Hello sir..I got new samsng note 3 neo as a gift..within a week itz starts hanging..moreover d big prb is…”my setting icon has been disappear”..plz suggest me what 2 do?

  281. Hi my name is Lifuma I am using A Galaxy note 2 GT 1900
    The problem with my phone is that it keeps charging even when the charger is not connected
    please help

  282. Hello sir my name is Lima and I have a Galaxy Note 2 & here is my problem. My phone keeps shutting down after half battery power when I am on the web then tries to reboot itself but never come on. I am not the technology savvy type but I could use your help thanks again for your time

  283. i have a problem with my galaxy note 2 when i try to turn it on it just load up but wont start up (samsung Galaxy Note 2) that is all it shows on the screen.

  284. Hi. My name is Shantel. I have a galaxy s4 active. Im having problems with google play store. Ive tried deleting the data in play store and play store services, deleting my google account in the phone and re-adding it, and finally factory resetting the phone and nothing so far has resolved the problem. Help me please.

  285. Hello,
    My name is Isaac and I have been running into an oddity with my Galaxy SIII running on the latest update. I have had it for a year and a half now and not too long ago it started to restart on its own every twenty-four hours at nine forty-five, Eastern Standard time. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, the phone won’t turn on. I will press the HOME button, the power button and I have to take the battery out and put it back in and then it will turn on. While ultimately it doesn’t affect performance, it is VERY annoying and I would at least like to know what might be causing it even if it can’t be fixed. If you could get get back to me I would appreciate it very much.

  286. hi i have Samsung note 2 mobile and i using at this phone in India crack this phone loack after i using smoothly recently AT&T software automatically updated and my phone is reboot after that it is not reopen. now it is not working please guide me how i can solve my this problem.

  287. When ever I try to go on my htc one phone it wont load the home screen or app screen instead it says “Sorry! HTC Sense has stopped unexpectedly. Would you like to send an error report to htc?” and every time I press send report it still wont work I even tried factory reset, shut it down and turned it back on, took the battery out almost every thing and nothing worked some one please help me solve my problem thank you

  288. Hello! I have the Galaxy S4. I’m not sure if you have covered my issue already but, soon after I disconnect from a call, if I make another call or a call comes in I’m not able to hear/be heard by the person that I’m calling. The software has been updated by Sprint and they tell me that it may be a hardware issue, but I’m not able to run to sprint every time I have the issue. Is there anything that I can do to solve this problem?

  289. hello, i am albi. I am trying to install a software on my Samsung galaxy notes 3, but the app takes 20 min to be installed (it has been 20 minutes and it is still not installed). What must I do please ?? Previously, it would shut down as soon as i would try to install. But in the meantime, I erased some cache data and stopped some apps, maybe that is what helped. But still, it does not finish to install whereas the file is “only” 20.3MO. I try to install another one : 6.27MO and it seems it never finishes either. I still have 9 GO available on the phone. Thank you

  290. hello .I’ve a note 3 got an intermittent error? message pops up from time to time several times yesterday.

    ”you must download the app in order to control the amount of power shared.if you connect your device with Samsung’s power sharing cable EP-SG900 without the app.the entire battery amount will be transferred to the other device.connect to Samsung apps and download the application”

    wasn’t connected to any other device nor sharing power supply ,have see it referenced elsewhere but no solution/cause was forthcoming .hopefully get some info here thnx in advance

  291. hello .I’ve a note 3 got an intermittent error? message pops up from time to time several times yesterday. wasn’t connected to any other device nor sharing power supply ,have see it referenced elsewhere but no solution/cause was forthcoming .hopefully get some info here thnx in advance

  292. Dear Sir
    i hope you fine, my phone galaxy $4 have problem when call in coming its get silent automatically

  293. My samsung galaxy S3 has a mind of it’s own. It keeps shutting off when it likes and when it wants trys over and over to turn back on. I[ve changed batteries.. factory reset and removed memory card.. HELP

  294. hello everyone,i have a samsung galaxy S4 and i have a problem with wifi, i can`t turn it on.
    when i touch wifi this is what i got ” smart switch network” can someone please help me to activate wifi……

  295. Hi everyone. lm a galaxy S4 user, so lm having an issue with videos. Everytime l play a video in youtube, facebook, internet browser, or whatever, some ghost lines shows up and its display gets black and distorted. l have tried factory reset, flashing firmware with odin, but the prob just came back after 2 days. ls anyone who has the same problem, but already fixed it?

  296. My Note 3 will not connect to wifi networks, constant unstable connection messages…endless problems with the wifi since software updates

  297. Hi , my galaxy S3 battery died I put it on the charger but it didn’t charge so I switch batteries and it still will not come on any solutions?

  298. Hi im using s3,when i want to change my wake up command is says ‘unfortunately s voice has stop’ solution plz

  299. Hi my samsung galaxy s3 has the following error message when I try to activate the camera

    Unknown error by Errorcallback

    How can I fix this please?

    Thanks R

  300. My name is Hans Brodersen, i am 14 and my LG optimis pro will not turn on… i followed all the steps and it wont turn on… Before that it would be at 100% and then shortly it would say 0% needs to charge… I really need help!

  301. I hope you can help. I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and my POP3
    email has quite syncing with my phone. I have uninstalled the account
    and have reinstalled it but I keep getting a message that the account
    cannot connect with the server. My email comes into my laptop just great
    so I am not sure what has happened to the phone. It stopped syncing
    late in the afternoon of July 12 and didn’t realize it until this
    morning when I checked my messages. This happened a few weeks ago when
    Android did an automatic update. It took Verizon and it took them 2
    hours to figure out that it was due to the update and then finally
    uninstalled the email account and we set it up again. That solution is
    not working this time. Any suggestions?

  302. Have a LG Optimus G Pro that has started taking random photos-even before I unlock my phone!

  303. Is there anyway to change the number of rings before my Moto G goes to voicemail? 2 rings just isn’t enough to get to it!

  304. NOTE 3 issue: when someone sends me a video, it is soooo small (why) wasnt like this before update

  305. Good day everyone! Im Jonathan. Im having problem with my note since i upgraded to kitkat… i can’t save files directly to my external sd card anymore. what appears is that sd card not available files tranfered to internal memory…anyone out there who can help me especially from samsung authority? God bless!

  306. I was recently talked into an early upgrade to the S4, I’ve had to go back to the store 3 times , the store wouldn’t help, finally being told I had to pay $175 deductible in order to get a new phone as a problem fix. 1 call to T-Mobile, love the T-Mobile store when things are going well. However, the rep on the phone couldn’t understand why I was told I had to pay the $175 and overnighted me a new phone. Thanks!
    Now onto other S4 issues. I Can’t Believe they upsold me prior me to my “contract” ending, a phone that cost So much only to find I was sold a phone with SO many issues, and the store tries to make me pay $175 deductible? Sounds like a scam.

  307. my galaxy note 3 does not accept any app for calls recorder though I tried many Apps. Hearing only noise.please do you have a solution for this issue?thanks.

  308. Today while playing a game my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 froze up. Now I cannot turn it off. I have only had it for 4 1/2 months. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I get it off?

  309. I have a problem here… I have a Note 2 and my wife has a S3 I can’t text her but she can text me Plus i can text everyone else…I’ve reset my phone and still it won’t text to my wife’s phone any suggestions?

  310. hi peoples I have a galaxy s2 phone and on set up I must have put use sd card for saving items thinking it was big enough but now sd card is full and phone mem says 11gb how do I switch it to phone mem without reset phone? if need be I have backed everything up through kies
    cheers cam

  311. hello sir im brian I have sony xperia z1, I experiencing monitor hang up. I already try push and hold the power button and the volume up button but still cannot continue rebooting. it only sometimes hang the xperia logo or sometimes continue until in the password menu but from there I cannot put may password or even power off again. I hope you can help me. thank you very much!

  312. Hello I have a Samsung S4 – My phone turns on but there is just a black screen. Please help

  313. I have a new Galaxy Note 3 and have a known problem and hope there is a solution to fix it. I lose the email off my email client at random times but it will leave a few emails for that specific day but the others are gone. I can go to my desktop and retrieve them but it’s something I need fixed as I’m out on the street for work and need the emails that are missing for reference at work.

  314. Hey, my Samsung s4 not allowing me to do the software update ( firmware downloaded) every time I start doing it, it will stop downloading and tell me that firmware update failed and the device restart without doing the update, please tell me the problem?

  315. Hello my name is Glenwood. Can anyone tell me how long it’s going to take for my square swipe to be delivered to me from the day I ordered it?

  316. Hello, can anyone help ? I have a Galaxy S4 that is constantly trying to download my e-mails but doesn’t !! just keeps draining the battery until i switch the mobile data off ??

  317. My samsung s4 keeps switching off will only come back on whenattached to charger it never shuts off when attached to charger can you help

  318. Hello sir my name is sabari .I am a 12th completed student .now I am studying medical courses in georgia .I bought a new note 2 cell phone in india. my native place in india at tamilnadu. My cell phone have a year warranty. It has a speaker problem problem that is sometimes I speak anyone by calling that time i hearing opponent speaking voice but opponent does not hearing my voice.its my new amazing note 2 mobile problem

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