Ten Questions With: Twenty Feet Founder Paul Herwath von Bittenfield

We just ran the story, Tools We Use: Twentyfeet.com earlier this week,  this is a service we really like and if it takes off could be very useful. Here we’ve got a 10 questions segment with the founder of Twentyfeet.com Paul Herwath von Bittenfield

1) Tell us who you guys are:

We are a bunch of people from a german web agency. We offer a full service process for web projects (websites and web software) with about 60 employees. We have been doing this since 1996. Last year we started a <a href=”https://www.twentyfeet.com“>social media monitoring</a> and web analytics tool called “TwentyFeet”.

2) And what exactly is TwentyFeet?

TwentyFeet is an “egotracking” service that will help you keep track of your own social media and web activities and monitor your results. We aggregate metrics from different services, thus giving you the full picture of what happens around you on the web – all in one place.

3) Social Media dashboards seem to be a growing trend what sets you apart

We think – and our users tell us – that there are two very important things that set us apart from our competitors:
* Activity Stream: Nobody has time to go through all web statistics in each service, for each variable and account, and try to interpret them each and every day. TwentyFeet does exactly that for you, using scientifically grounded methods. We calculate an expected range for every of your performance indicators and nudge we whenever an outlier occurs. By that you’ll get to know if something important happens.
* Detailed information and actionable metrics: We do not only track one or two metrics for each service. We do track e.g. 8 different variables for twitter, 12 variables for MySpace and 17 variables for Google Analytics. Thus we give you a good picture of what happens with your online performance. For the most important variables we go further and offer more details. Example: We tell you which followers on twitter or which facebook friends you’ve won and lost.

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4) Twentyfeet seems easier to use and understand than other analytics sites, who is your target audience.

Our target audience are individuals as well as small and medium businesses. We want to help them in an easy and comfortable way to understand how they can become successful on the web. We do not have a focus on brand monitoring or other stuff big brands are looking for yet.

We call our service an “Egotracker”.

5) What are your backgrounds?

We are 2 business guys, 1 designer and a hand full of software developers. All of us have up to 15 years of professional web experience.

6) How did you come up with TwentyFeet?

We were looking for a tool like TwentyFeet. As we couldn’t find anything that fulfilled our desires we started coding our own tool.  And apart from that there is this mass usage potential in TwentyFeet, that really thrills us.

7) What is your goal for twentyfeet in say 2 years?

First of all we hope that a lot of our users will have learned how to become successful on the web with the help of TwentyFeet. As we think of TwentyFeet as a tool for everyone interested in web and social media analytics we want.

It is one thing to be nudged, when something interesting happens. It is another to learn what web success really is about. Our goal is to help our users find their personal answers for web success with TwentyFeet.

8) We’re using it for monitor emails, which seems to be something that we can’t find with other analytical sites, is this one of your key features setting you apart.

Absolutely. This is one of the key features of TwentyFeet. You can also subscribe to this activity streams by RSS. Other important features are historical charting, the ability to compare stats from different places and detailed information e.g. for twitter and facebook.

9) Currently, what seems to be the social network most tracked using twentyfeet.com?

Facebook is the most tracked social network, followed by Twitter. We do also offer Google Analytics, bit.ly, MySpace and YouTube so far.

10) The Fun Question: If you had unlimited funds from a VC or Angel Investor what is the first thing you would do with twentyfeet.

First of all we’d start a trip to our giraffe friends in africa. And then after spending all that money on the giraffes, we’d probably focus on the same thing as today: deliver a world class solution to learn more about your individual web success with great value for our users.