Tebow Cameo For T-Mobile Commercial on Superbowl Sunday

Tim Tebow has finally made it to the Super Bowl!  As many of you know, one of the most polarizing sports figure,  Tim Tebow, has been out of the NFL and out of football since the New England Patriots released him. Although, he continues to pursue a career as a starting quarterback in the NFL, he has stayed out of the spotlight since his release after the preseason in September 2013.

With his football on (likely permanent) hiatus, Tebow decided to finally embrace his celebrity status to endorse for a major enterprise.  T-Mobile signed Tim Tebow as their spokesman for their No-Contract campaign, or some refer to as the “Un-Carrier” campaign.   T-Mobile is offering up to $650 if user switches from their current carrier to T-Mobile.  The offer is in the form of device trade-ins (up to $300 credit per device) and early termination fee subsidies (up to $350 per line).   T-Mobile will offer up to 5 device trade-ins, which includes both tablet and smartphone contracts.  New T-Mobile customer must purchase a qualifying postpaid “Simple Choice plan”.

The Superbowl Tebow campaign for T-Mobile has gotten lots of buzz in the media so far, so it appears that T-Mobile may have scored a nice catch with their new spokesman.  After all, life is better without a contract right?  Just ask Tebow…