TDG Live: Samsung Unpacked IFA 2011

Samsung introduced a whole host of products today at their press conference at IFA 2011 at Messe Belin in Berlin Germany. Consumer Electronics, Digital Imaging, PCs and mobile were all represented with the latest in technology that Samsung has to offer.  Check out our live blog of this mornings event after the break

12:05pm: Accessories include S pen holder, docks etc

12:04pm: Enterprise security with Juniper Junos Pulse

12:04pm: Swyping hand across screen takes screenshot

12:03pm: new “S Schedule” full page schedule with tasks, and todos, move schedule around in one easy step.

12:03pm: multi person conferences with virtual white board. Releasing the S pen SDK so developers can make their own apps

12:01pm: Screen capture without rooting and writing with the S pen you can write on it (very HTC Flyerish)

12:01pm: Samsung’s digital pen is called the S pen and it’s integrated to every single part of the Galaxy Note.

11:58am: 5.3″ HD superAMOLED screen, 5.65mm, 178g custom split screen user interface displaying more information on one screen. Free capture and creation, full touch mode and the most advanced hybrid input technology

11:57am: Galaxy Note meshes Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab minimizing the need to switch between devices

11:56am: and now the indepth on Galaxy Note

11:55am: Introduced game hub, microSD slot, pairing Android 3.2 Honeycomb and Touchwiz, and voice calls (probably not in US)

11:54am: 1.4ghz dual core processor, 4G/LTE HSPA+ options wifi channel bonding will give you data almost twice as fast as current wifi tablets

11:53am: 7.89mm 335g

11:53am: oh wait it’s superAMOLED plus, highest pixel density among all tablets in the market

11:51am: Tab 7.7 improves on original, brighter to see and lighter to carry

11:50am: presentation on Bada 2.0, ChatOn and now more on the 7.7

11:44am: 3 categories, tablet, smartphone and note

11:42am: Galaxy Note 5.3″ HD screen, 2500mah battery, much longer battery life, pen input technology, Fully featured Galaxy Note is ultimate on the go primary device.

11:41am: here comes the Galaxy Note

11:40am: Galaxy Tab 7.7 superAMOLED screen, thinnest and lightest tablet in the industry. Best viewing experience

11:39am: 4″ superAMOLED screen, metal unibody design “chic smartphone” (Wave 3)

11:39am: 3 new models: Samsung Wave 3 with bada 2.0

11:38am: And the presenter is DJ Lee Head of Global Sales and Marketing, where’s JK hopefully at the Q&A

11:36am: Here comes mobile

11:35am: Samsung has reduced the bezel to make more display on the Series 7 chronos

11:34am: Series 7 chronos in 3 form factors

11:29am: PC’s is up now

11:24am: Ms. IFA is on the stage showing off the MV800 with a flip out display

11:22am: Samsung Multiview MV800

11:20am: Samsung Digital Imaging is up next

11:12am: Samsung will reach 1000 TV apps by the end of September. Their goal was 1000 apps by end of 2011.  5 million tv app downloads so far

11:11am: D8000 seems bad ass

11:07am: We are going to take it slow through C.E. divisions. Bad wifi and bad GSM signal on Vodafone

11:06AM: The TV guy is on right now talking about the era of one design


11:05am: Standing room only and then some

11:04AM: 5 more minutes