TDG AT TCD: RingShuffle

With so many exhibitors at TechCrunch, each startup company had to do something different to set themselves apart from one another. One company gave free samples of chocolate covered bacon (yum!). Another startup gave away free socks. RingShuffle raffled off a free date. First of all,..what?! Second, what did a date have to do with RingShuffle? Thirdly, no I didn’t go on a date but the app is pretty awesome!

Ringshuffle allows users to generate a temperary number for others to call that would automatically forward to their real number. For example, if you met someone in a bar that you didn’t want to give your real number to, use RingShuffle. If you were trying to sell something online (like on Zaarly) use RingShuffle. If creditors are wondering what the best number is for you,…you’ve got the idea.

The app is only available on iOS for the moment but they did promise an Android launch sometime soon. Even so, the app is very user-friendly. There’s an easy sign up page, you create a PIN and then choose your phone number. The number is only valid for 7 days and you can never get it back. Currently, the service is only good for incoming calls so if you do call back, they will see your real phone number. Hopefully in the future, the app will allow for outbound calls and text messages.


[via TDG onsite]

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