TapJoy Moving Towards A Personal App Recommendation Platform

About six months ago TapJoy got into a heated battle with Apple over virtual currency and apps that promoted other apps within the app itself.

If you’re not familiar with TapJoy they are a company, that until recently, specializes in, in-app purchasing and monetizing applications.  They are very active in the app community in Silicon Valley, especially in San Francisco. Last year at their Google I/O after party they presented a panel that talked specifically too the monetizing infrastructure of both iOS and Android.

TapJoy is now introducing the TapJoy Personal App Marketplace.  Don’t go saying that the third party app market space is full just yet.  TapJoy has totally changed the model for their app marketplace making it unlike any other third party app store out there.

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First off, TapJoy has their own proprietary app discovery engine. The engine begins by identifying each users smartphone model and the apps they currently have installed. It then takes that information and combines it with news feed updates, tapjoys own reviews and by leveraging social media to offer personalized web suggestions.

Sure the once a day premium app for free model works. Amazon and Getjar are doing it with much success. TapJoy has reinvented that as well. When you become a user of TapJoy’s personalized market place you’ll have access to videos, demo games, subscription services and discounted products. By watching videos, testing out games, subscribing to content or making purchases you will be able to use TapJoy virtual currency to purchase paid for apps or leverage partners like Netflix, Gamefly, Groupon, Intuit, Discover and FTD.

“Smartphone and tablet users are clearly eager for a better way to find new apps,” said Mihir Shah, president and CEO of Tapjoy. “We already touch a very large and very passionate community of mobile app consumers — with more than 35 million Monthly Active Users — and we are proud to bring them something totally different from anything else out there. We’ve combined our personalized app recommendation engine and enormous app marketplace with social sharing and joint discovery features to create a unique and very personal app discovery experience.”

TapJoy has totally redone their website and even their logo. Go sign up for the TapJoy market here too at https://tapjoy.com