Tap Me Says Goodbye Ad Blocks, Puts The Ads In The Games At #GDC11

One of the things I loved most during my radio career was NTR, NTR stands for Non Traditional Revenue in the radio world. It’s the way that radio stations stick in advertising messages and calls to action during “Commercial free hours” honestly from a marketing perspective it’s much less obtrusive than traditional commercials.

That’s the idea behind Tap Me.  Tap Me is a company that is hoping to change the mobile gaming advertising paradigm but literally putting the ads in the games.  Developers using the Tap Me platform will be able to have various different types of calls to action for advertisers within the games themselves.

Tap Me is currently showing an unheard of engagement rate of 20% for sponsored power-ups and they say they have even at times had 50% engagement.  Now understand one of the beauties of Tap Me is that you’re not talking about impressions you’re talking about engagement which is a click or a non passive view.

Think about Angry Birds for Android and how annoying it is to have that ad block appear right where you’re trying to fly a bird, or covering up a pig you didn’t know was there.  Tap Me has alternatives to that, like the sponsored power ups mentioned above and a special messaging center for players where advertisers can reach out to game players.

In the Tap Me messaging center an advertiser can give you a call to action like “have 5 friends retweet this message and get 1,000 extra points”. It’s essentially engaging you in advertising instead of paying actual money for virtual goods. If executed properly the possibilities for Tap Me are endless and the results for game developers and mobile game players are much better than traditional advertising.

Tap Me has opened up their beta for iOS developers and Tap Me has promised to bring Android developers online soon.

Source: Tap Me via Businesswire