Zynga Launches Farmville 2: Country Escape For Android Devices

Remember back in 2009 when Farmville was quite popular? This farming simulation game combined with its social aspect made it one of the top games available on Facebook at that time. Because of its popularity a sequel called Farmville 2 was launched in 2012 which offered new features. Fast forward to today these two titles

Facebook Connect on Zynga is no longer required

Zynga has made signing in with a Facebook account optional in a continuing effort to establish itself as an independent web and mobile gaming platform. In the past, it was required for gamers to sign in with a Facebook account to enjoy Zynga’s offerings. The move follows several other developments, starting from March last year

Zynga Closes 11 Games In Cost-Cutting Efforts

As part of its cost-cutting scheme, the weakening social gaming giant Zynga is officially ceasing to offer eleven of its games. This was announced by the company’s CEO, Mark Pincus. Some of these games have already been removed from app stores whereas others have stopped accepting registrations and have closed or on their way to

Zynga Slashes Their Roster During Apple Press Event

Zynga once again has been trying to avoid a bunch of bad PR by announcing that they have just laid off a little over a 100 employee’s that were working on Bingo and TheVille at their offices in Austin. This was cleverly timedduring Apple’s iPad Mini event today so that they could possibly avoid getting

Horn Review — Zynga’s First UDK Powered Game

Available On: Android, iOS Price: $6.99 Download: Google Play | iTunes Despite The Dark Knight Rises’ awesome dark and gritty feel, Horn is spectacularly beautiful. While Gameloft did a great job translating the dark themed world of Gotham City into a game, Zynga has done a fantastic job creating some visually impressive and beautiful graphics

Hasbro, Zynga team up to launch Zynga social games in US

From virtual game to a real family board game. This is what is due to befall on four popular social online games, from the recent collaboration of Hasbro and Zynga. Two of the world’s biggest social game providers, Zynga and Hasbro have just teamed up to launch four eminent Zynga social games, to be labelled

Draw Something Reaches 50 Million Downloads In 50 Days

After a couple dozen social game were under their belts, without a mega hit New York’s OMGPOP was evaluating their options for the future. After their last round of venture funding they weren’t sure if they would be able to pull another. Early stage investors were beginning to worry about the company. Little did anyone

Android Game Spotlight: Zynga’s Dream Zoo

Zynga’s been in the news a lot lately, ever since their wild ride of an IPO. Now though, we’re going to take a quick look at one of their newest games to hit the Android Market, Dream Zoo. Dream Zoo is very similar in ways to Animal Tycoon 2, that was recently released to the

Zynga Gets Bazyngad

Yes we totally realize that Bazinga is spelled incorrectly above… With that out of the way let’s get into the story. Zynga, the publishers of such smash social hits as Farmville, Cityville, Zynga Poker and many others, some of which even appear in the Android Market, went public Friday. Zynga stock, which appeared on the

Zynga Teams With AT&T

In the first ever deal of its kind , social gaming powerhouse Zynga has joined forces with AT&T.  The creator of such social mega hits as Farmville, CityVille, and Words With Friends, will bring their hit titles, exclusive content and special premiums to AT&Ts millions of customers. What’s clearly set out to start as a

Zynga & Gaga Team Up For Upcoming Album

Today, Zynga and Lady Gaga announced their plans to form a partnership to launch Lady Gaga’s newest album “Born This Way” which is due to launch on the 17th of May. This first and one of a kind partnership will give Farmville players a chance to listen to the album songs exclusively when they visit

Zynga Hints At All Titles Coming To Mobile

Most of our readers know the name Zynga. If you don’t, it’s the social gaming company founded by Mark Pincus and responsible for the hits Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Words With Friends and more. In an interview with Reuters this week Zynga’s head of mobile David Ko said “With 250  million people playing our games

Words With Friends Coming To Android

Zynga is porting over their smash hit “Words With Friends” from IOS to Android later this month.  Zynga bought “Words With Friends” developer New Toy Inc, last December and, until now, has been mum on the plan for the addictive spelling game. Zynga said that the port would be complete this month and that it

Kinect Lead Developer Jumps Ship For Google

Microsoft Kinect developer and world renowned Wii Hacker extraordinate Johnny Lee Chung has left Microsoft for greener pastures at the Googleplex.  Lee is reporting via his personal blog that he will be working as a “Rapid Evaluator” for Google. Sometime back there were rumors that Google was working on their own cloud based gaming portal

App of the Week: Zynga Poker

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker has been my go-to Facebook game for quite some time now. I never really got into Farmville or any of the other really big Facebook games, but I have always loved poker. That is why I started playing Texas Hold’em on Facebook. I wasn’t too fond of sitting at my computer