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ZTE Nubia Z5S

Best ultra-low-cost Chinese smartphones readily available stateside

Contracts are so 2010. Nowadays, it’s all about the unlocked and prepaid gear. It’s just far more convenient that way, not to mention oftentimes cheaper, at least over the long haul. T-Mobile is climbing the US carrier (or rather “Uncarrier”) ranks thanks to its lauded no-contract Value Plans, Motorola has reclaimed a lot of its

ZTE Scores 2.5 Million Pre-Orders For Nubia Z5S and Nubia Z5S Mini

ZTE has something to be happy about lately. The company announced that it has broken the online sales record in China as its flagship model, the Nubia Z5S, along with the Nubia Z5S Mini attracted 2.5 million pre-orders through its retail partner Both devices were first unveiled last November 19 and have just recently

ZTE Officially Launches Nubia Z5S, Nubia Z5S Mini

Previously we’ve heard of rumors that ZTE was going to launch a new mid-range Android smartphone. The company just made an official announcement regarding this and it’s not just one but two smartphones that are being launched. These are the Nubia Z5S and its smaller sibling the Nubia Z5S Mini. Both devices are expected to