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7 Best Chinese Smartphones in 2019

Long gone are the days when Chinese smartphones were synonymous with poor build quality and sluggish performance. Today, the four major Chinese smartphone manufacturers collectively sell almost as many handsets as Apple and Samsung, and they will likely outsell them in the near future. Brands like Huawei, OnePlus, or Oppo realize that it’s not enough

7 Best Unlocked Phones With Loud Stereo Speakers in 2019

Modern day smartphones come with a variety of features. But a decent battery life and excellent speakers are some of the features that most customers look for. But in the manufacturers’ pursuit of making devices super thin, the ability to play loud music can sometimes be sacrificed. But even despite that, there are a handful

5 Best Unlocked Android Phones Not Sold by Major Carriers in 2016

When you dare to venture out into the uncharted waters that lie beyond the world of major carriers, you discover unlocked Android smartphones that offer tremendous value and features that are hard to find elsewhere—at least not for the same money. But decision paralysis is a tricky beast, which is why we have already done

5 Best Smartphones for Business

It’s impossible to run a business without the proper tools at hand and the right people on board. A good business smartphone is essential for everyone who wants to be productive, connected, and informed. Not all smartphones make good business phones, and not all business phones are fun to use. How to Select a Good