[Deal] Unlocked ZTE Axon for $169.99

ZTE’s popular mid-ranger, the #Axon can now be bought for just $169.99 via eBay. The handset was originally priced at $200, which makes this a very attractive discount. The handset comes with a dual-camera setup on the back, which is perhaps the highlight feature here. You’re also being treated to a premium all-metal design, so the

[Deal] ZTE Axon for $169.99

You can now purchase the #ZTE #Axon for just $169.99 from eBay. While this might seem like a budget ranged device, the Axon is actually a pretty stellar smartphone and was originally priced close to $350. But given that the demand has dipped a little bit, a price reduction was in order. That’s not to

ZTE Axon

[Deal] ZTE Axon for $169.99

The #ZTEAxon can now be yours for a miserly $169.99 courtesy of a deal running on eBay. The listing has been put up by fellow retailer Newegg, so you can be assured that you’re getting it from a well known source. The handset is brand new and comes with a North American warranty, which means you’re

[Deal] ZTE Axon now available for $199.99

The #ZTEAxon which was originally available for purchase at $449 has now received a massive price discount, which effectively gives you the handset for just $199.99. The device is regularly priced at $329.98, but Newegg is giving away the handset with this sizable discount using the coupon code EMCKKNR25. If you head over to ZTE’s official

Best premium metal Android smartphones available today

You can defend plastic handheld construction all you want, but like it or not, “polycarbonate” is a word mobile enthusiasts will soon forget. And thank God for that, since this writer became tired of being fed the most ridiculous excuses from lazy, profit-driven manufacturers years back. Admit it, everybody, metal is better, and the only

ZTE Axon

ZTE’s premium smartphone, the Axon can now be preordered for $449

ZTE announced a couple of weeks ago as to how its new Axon smartphone will be launched in the U.S. markets starting July 14. Turns out this is just a pre-order listing for the time being, but it does reveal the pricing of the handset, which is always good information to have for prospective buyers. If you’re interested in getting