Best prepaid sub-$100 Android smartphones – April 2014

So you’re in the market for some Android-powered goodies, but don’t care coughing up a fortune to score the best of the best. In fact, you only got one little Benjamin to spend. Of course, 100 clams is 100 too much for a host of wickedly fast high-end smartphones, including LG’s G2 or HTC’s 2013


Virgin Mobile launches ZTE Awe for $99.99

Virgin Mobile has just launched a new budget handset called the ZTE Awe. The highlight of the smartphone is the price, as Virgin is only charging $99.99 it comes fully unlocked as well. The ZTE Awe packs a nifty 4 inch 480×800 display, a 5MP main camera along with a 1MP front camera, a 1.2