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YotaPhone 2

The YotaPhone 2 Is Not Coming To The US

Jus a few days after fellow incumbent startup OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2, Yota Devices has changed their tune on the availability of their flagship, the Yotaphone 2. The latter device will not be coming the US, even after a successful Indiegogo campaign earlier this year. In an update to backers, Yota Devices says that

YotaPhone 2

American launch details of the YotaPhone 2 revealed

Russian manufacturer Yota, which is responsible for its unique YotaPhone handset has now spilled details about its American arrival. According to the manufacturer, the YotaPhone 2 will be launched in the country through a crowd funding project on Indiegogo in order to properly gauge the demand for its handset. Customers will be able to back the project starting

YotaPhone 2

YotaPhone 2 reportedly launching via T-Mobile soon

The original YotaPhone was revealed a couple of years ago as a strange yet innovative concept. The second iteration was announced a couple of months ago. It is now being said that Yota Devices is contemplating the launch of the YotaPhone 2 in the U.S. through popular mobile carrier T-Mobile. There’s no confirmation from either the

YotaPhone 2

YotaPhone 2 with dual displays to break cover on Dec. 3

Russian manufacturer Yota took us by surprise when it announced the uniquely designed dual display YotaPhone a couple of years ago. And although the smartphone is still available for purchase in some countries, the company has decided to refresh the smartphone with new hardware and software. Known as the YotaPhone 2, the company will unveil

Yotaphone 2

Yotaphone 2 with rear e-ink display unveiled

The Yotaphone 2 has been unveiled just prior to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This second-generation device seeks to stand out in the sea of Android devices with its unusual dual-display design that comes with an e-ink full-touch rear screen along with the front display panel. The device is by Russian mobile startup