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Yahoo Aviate Launcher now out of beta and accessible for all

One of the most popular homescreen launchers to be shown off recently, Aviate, is now out of beta which essentially means that users no longer need an invite to use it. The Aviate team was recently acquired by Yahoo, so the app is known as Yahoo Aviate. The launcher has seen some changes to accommodate for the


Yahoo acquires start up conference call service Rondee

Yahoo has been on a huge acquisition spree since Marissa Mayer took charge, with ten acquisitions since stepping in as CEO of the topsy-turvy Internet company. Just this month Yahoo completed the deal for Tumblr, costing the company $1.1 billion. This was a questionable acquisition, considering Tumblr only made $20 million revenue this year. Yahoo

Tumblr Brings more Ads to Users’ Dashboard

Today Tumblr is the sponsored posts that were introduced to its mobile applications a month ago to its web dashboard. The sponsored posts are from companies including Viacom, Ford, AT&T and Universal Pictures. Tumblr’s users will be able to reblog, like follow and share the ads and the brands directly from their dashboard, the sponsors

Yahoo willing to spend upto $800 million on Hulu

As you might think after a big acquisition companies might want to hold back on the spending for a while to keep the accountants happy, not Yahoo. Reports have said that they are willing to pony up $800 million to acquire Hulu a video streaming site which is currently owned by Disney, Fox and NBC


Yahoo Places a Bid for Hulu

  Yahoo has been on a very aggressive acquiring spree lately and they have just placed a bid for the streaming video site Hulu, the service is currently owned by a conglomerate of big companies that include: NBC Universal, Fox and Disney. Yahoo however is not the only bidder; they have competition from Direct TV,


Flickr goes Down Four Days after a Major Revamp

Yahoo have been very busy lately with them acquiring Tumblr and revamping their business model, but just four days after they unveiled a Flickr revamp the service went down for some users. The official Flickr Twitter account tweeted “Experiencing slowness or having trouble accessing the site? We’re on it, and are working to fix the

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Yahoo acquires startup PlayerScale

Yahoo’s acquisition spree continues, in the shadow of the biggest deal this year, a $1 billion acquisition for Tumblr, the company has just bought gaming infrastructure startup PlayerScale. The amount has not been disclosed and this seems to be another small stakes acquisition, although it seems unlike others where Yahoo went for the talent or

Tumblr CEO feels the $1.1 billion offer from Yahoo is too low

Tumblr CEO David Karp has said that he thinks the amount that Yahoo wants to lay down for the acquisition of the blogging service, the amount that the Yahoo board have officially agreed upon that they are willing to spend on acquiring the company is $1.1 billion. Not too shabby for the company, if they

Yahoo rumoured to be making a $1 Billion Acquisiton of Tumblr

Earlier today rumours have come to light saying that Yahoo who has been making a lot of cut backs recently is serious about acquiring tumblr the social site that allows you to create your own personal blog. Various sources are saying that they are planning on acquiring the company out right and they have plans