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Xperia Z4v

Sony Xperia Z4v

Confirmed: Verizon and Sony cancel the Xperia Z4v

Last week, we heard for the very first time that the #Sony XperiaZ4v which was scheduled for a summertime release in the U.S. might have been canceled. Today, we’re getting confirmation of this directly from Verizon Wireless, thus confirming once and for all that the handset has been canned. Verizon said – “Verizon will no

Sony Xperia Z4v

Has the Verizon bound Sony Xperia Z4v been canceled?

The #Sony #XperiaZ4v has been somewhat a mystery in the mobile industry. The handset was originally supposed to break cover during the Summer, but that didn’t happen. However, Sony recently put up a “coming soon” sticker next to its name on the its official site. But today, the company has effectively taken down the listing, leading us to believe

Verizon will launch the Sony Xperia Z4v on August 13th

Sony’s one and only smartphone with a Quad HD display, the Xperia Z4v, will start selling on Verizon on August 13th. Sony had confirmed the device for the US’ largest carrier last month, and it has now announced the launch date through a dedicated website for the phone.