Xperia X Series

[Deal] Unlocked Sony Xperia X for $299.99

The #Sony #XperiaX is now available on eBay for just $299.99. The smartphone is equipped with a fairly exciting hardware specs sheet, making it a worthwhile offering for the price quoted here. This is no high-end offering, though, but it’s pretty capable of handling whatever you throw at it. The smartphone was launched earlier this

Sony Xperia X

[Deal] Unlocked Xperia X for $329.99

The unlocked version of the #Sony #XperiaX is now available for just $329.99 on eBay. The smartphone comes with a pretty attractive hardware specs sheet on board, making it a decent purchase for the price quoted by the retailer. With so many devices currently selling in the Xperia X family, it’s easy to get confused. So be sure

Sony Xperia X

[Deal] Sony Xperia X bundle for $389.98

The #Sony #XperiaX bundle is now available on eBay for just $389.98. The smartphone comes with a fairly attractive specs sheet, but the fact that it also comes with a bunch of goodies makes it a pretty exciting offering for many. The Xperia X bundle includes a protective covering/case for the device as well as

Sony Xperia X

[Deal] Sony Xperia X bundle for $399.99

You can now purchase the comprehensive #Sony #XperiaX bundle for just $399.99 on eBay. The bundle includes the Sol Republic RELAYS in-ear headphones, a Reiko pouch as well as a Red Pocket SIM card, which comes with a month’s worth of unlimited calling, texting and data. That’s a pretty sweet deal for just $400, don’t you think? So what

Xperia X Compact

Leak reveals the Sony Xperia X Compact

#Sony is prepping some big launches for the IFA 2016 event in Berlin. While we’ve known a bit about some of its high-end phones, a new leak is giving us a glimpse of the company’s new compact phone, known as the Xperia X Compact. This goes to show that the company still has faith in

Sony confirms that it’s killing the Xperia Z lineup

Yesterday, Sony’s German unit hinted that the #XperiaZ series might be absorbed by the newly formed #XperiaX lineup. #Sony has now officially confirmed this, suggesting that the #XperiaZ5 and the Z5 Premium were the last of the Xperia Z devices to hit the markets. The company believes that it can recreate a new brand image

Xperia X Series

Sony releases new Xperia X line of smartphones at the MWC 2016

Japanese manufacturer #Sony was present at the MWC 2016 in Barcelona yesterday and took the stage to unveil its new range of Xperia X smartphones. There are three smartphones in the company’s Xperia X lineup known as the Xperia X, Xperia XA and Xperia X Performance. The Xperia X Performance is a flagship level offering, which