Confirmed: AT&T Confirms Sony Tablet P This Sunday

Yesterday we mentioned that a release date for Sony’s Tablet P was leaked. According to the leak we would see the unique clam shell tablet from Sony on Sunday from AT&T, with a cool bundle option.  AT&T has confirmed that today. The Tablet P will set you back $399.99 on a new two year agreement.

Sony Considering Buying Out Ericsson

While the hardware has been nice the Sony Ericsson Xperia brand of Android phones hasn’t faired nearly as well as the likes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola and even LG.  Their latest Android device to hit the states, the Shiny Ericsson Xperia Ray had to be released as an unlocked device because Sony Ericsson was unable

Sony Ericsson Xperia Line Gets Update To 2.3.4

Sony Ericsson said earlier this month that they were going to update all of their current Xperia line phones to the latest version of Android. Currently the “latest’ version is Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, and as promised Sony Ericsson has begun to deliver the firmware updates.  Pocketnow is reporting that we were expecting the updates in

AT&T announces the Xperia Play with 4G LTE

TDG was  in New York tonight for AT&T’s Holiday showcase. They announced a number of devices, the first 4G LTE USB modem, a more powerful HP Touchpad 4G, with HDSPA category 14 and an upgraded 1.5-GHz processor, they handed us all an HTC Status, and then quietly shared the Xperia Play. Setting the two devices

Unlocked Sony Xperia Arcs On Sale From Sony

The Sony Xperia Arc was announced at CTIA back in March.  We’ve seen it cross the desk at the FCC with the appropriate bands for AT&T and Rogers.  Other than that we haven’t heard a lot about it until now. It seems you can order the Sony Xperia Arc on the Sony website.  There’s no

Sony and Dropbox Come To A Deal

Many of you have more than likely you have heard of Dropbox and have used it at on point and time. If you haven’t then you really need to check it out. It looks as is the Dropbox and Sony Ericsson have come to a decision regarding a partnership between the two. This partnership will make it

Sony Xperia Play Delayed Due To Tsunami

As reports started rolling in after the recent Japanese earthquake we were relieved to hear back from Sony that most of their Japanese work force was safe and their mobile plants weren’t in any jeopardy. While this remains true, what we’ve come to find is that the suppliers Sony counts on for a number of

Sony Xperia Play Games

Last year when news started to leak out about the Sony Xperia Play, people didn’t believe that Sony would merge the phone and the psp. Now we are just weeks away from it’s US release on Verizon Wireless.  The Xperia Play was released at Mobile World Congress and then demoed again at CTIA. We’ve had

Leak? Sony Xperia Play Coming To Verizon?

Shhhh don’t tell anyone but we think that Sony Ericcson will announce a handheld game system/Android phone hybrid called the Sony Xperia Play this weekend in Barcelona… That was one of the most ill kept secrets in the mobile world this year and it’s just about to get it’s day in the limelight. For months

Sony Bringing Playstation Games To Android via PlayStation Suite

While everyone in the world seems to be waiting for the announcement of the Sony Xperia Play or Sony Zeuss (whatever you want to call it but the PlayStation phone) Sony made a huge announcement at their tech event in Tokyo earlier this evening. Sony has announced a new framework called PlayStation Suite that will