Xperia Honami

White Xperia Honami poses for a fresh batch of pictures

We already know plenty about the Sony Xperia Honami, thanks to several pre-launch leaks. We have another one today of the White Xperia Honami which includes a size comparison with the iPhone 5. This also gives a closer look of the front of the smartphone which is more or less the same as every Sony

xperia honami masked

Sony Xperia Honami spotted in a secret enclosure

It is common practice in the smartphone industry to hide pre-production units of upcoming smartphones from the public eye. Of late, we’ve seen manufacturers shielding the device with a protective covering so as to hide all the physical characteristics of the smartphone. Sony has been caught doing something similar with the Xperia Honami and the

xperia honami launch

Sony teaser mentions September 4 launch date for the Xperia Honami

A new Sony poster for the Xperia Honami launch has leaked, revealing what seems like the edge of the smartphone. We can hardly make out anything about the smartphone besides the fact that it’s a purple colored handset. The real revelation however is right below the teaser, where the September 4 announcement date has been

Xperia Honami

Sony Xperia Honami i1 pictures reveal thin form factor

Some new images of the Sony Xperia Honami i1 have surfaced, revealing the front, back and the bottom bezel. From what we can see here, it seems like the smartphone will borrow heavily from the current line of Xperia flagships, with the plain back and a high res display with three onscreen Android navigation buttons.


20MP camera on the Sony Xperia Honami gets confirmed

The specs of the new Sony Xperia Honami have appeared yet again. The heavily hyped 20MP camera has been somewhat confirmed with this leak courtesy of Taiwanese site ePrice. The rest of the specs sheet reveal a true flagship smartphone, as most of us expected. But with the presence of the Xperia Z Ultra and


Sony Xperia Honami pops up in more photos and has release date

  It seems like Sony wants a pop at the ultimate camera phone experience, with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom and the upcoming Nokia EOS (Lumia 1020) starting this trend of really powerful cameras inside smartphones. We have already seen the Sony Xperia Honami crop up two days ago, but recent photo leaks, reports on the release