Sony Xperia Go Launching In Canada This November

It has been questioned when the Sony Xperia Go would be making its way to Canada. Thankfully, Sony has made an announcement saying that the mid-range waterproof smartphone would be making its way to the Rogers-owned Fido carrier this November. Sony was also kind enough to announce a exclusive yellow colored model if you were

Three new Sony Xperia phones coming soon to the US

Sony makes some amusing good looking Android smartphones. They make rugged ones too, like the recently launched Xperia Go which phone can stand up to daily use, and then occasional bangs. You can leave it in the snow, immerse in water or throw it around, but you will still find it working just fine. Up

Sony Xperia Go stress test

When it comes to durable military grade smartphones, we have scarcity of choices. The most popular phone one can think of when such standards are to be met is Motorola’s Defy. The Defy is promoted as dust resistant, impact & scratch resistant and water resistant, which has been possible due to employment of port covers

Sony Xperia Go Visits the FCC

The rugged Sony Xperia Go is currently being examined at the FCC, which will check whether it is fit for sale in the US market. Users are cautioned, however, that this device is an international model, and only runs on GSM and EDGE with carriers based in the US. Otherwise, its 900MHz and 2100MHz frequency