Sony and Dropbox Come To A Deal

Many of you have more than likely you have heard of Dropbox and have used it at on point and time. If you haven’t then you really need to check it out. It looks as is the Dropbox and Sony Ericsson have come to a decision regarding a partnership between the two. This partnership will make it

Sony Xperia Play Delayed Due To Tsunami

As reports started rolling in after the recent Japanese earthquake we were relieved to hear back from Sony that most of their Japanese work force was safe and their mobile plants weren’t in any jeopardy. While this remains true, what we’ve come to find is that the suppliers Sony counts on for a number of

Sony Xperia Arc Features Android 2.3

While Motorola stole the show as far as Android devices go, there were a lot of other companies that announced feature packed superphone type devices.  Sony is one of those. While everyone is eagerly awaiting Zeus or the Sony Xperia Play, Sony and AT&T have ended the life of the original Sony Xperia X10 and