Banned Xbox One accounts will still be allowed to play purchased titles

The Xbox One still has resting questions hanging, even with the two conferences held by Microsoft revealing the console and many features and limitations it will have inside. One question submitted by Reddit users for an interview with¬†Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb was about banned accounts and if the gamer will lose all access to the


Xbox One will allow users to share games with 10 family members

Even though the used game problem is still floating around the Xbox One, as well as the Kinect privacy issues, Microsoft has released some soothing news regarding the borrowing schemes for users. Xbox One users will be allowed to share a catalogue of different games to 10 family members, this sharing portal will allow you

Microsoft Experiementing With Free to Play

As you probably know, the video game industry is huge, and the latest movement has been the Free to Play business model. That said, many companies have been experimenting with different free to play models, including the creators of Xbox Live, Microsoft. Microsoft will be rolling out its very first Free to Play game on