Xbox One revealed: All In One gaming system

Microsoft has finally unveiled the new console and they have named it the Xbox One. The console will be an ‘All In One’ entertainment system, offering games, movies, TV, music and apps. Xbox One will be Microsoft crowning achievement this year, with Windows 8 in the dumps and Office 365 not blasting through the sales.

Microsoft Xbox 720 mock up

Xbox 720 to come with Windows 8

The next Xbox reveal date has officially been announced by Microsoft, on May 21. Redmond is preparing a list of special features showing the next generation gaming console, followed by a full rundown of games at E3. A new rumour has emerged concerning the platform the Xbox will run on, according to a report by WindowsITPro, the

Xbox 720 to Feature Kinect 2.0, Blue-Ray drive

U.K based magazine Xbox world said the next-generation Xbox 720 will showcase a much broader hardware and a full array of enhancers that will surely make it the most advanced gaming console to ever hit the market. Microsoft is reportedly scheduled to unveil the latest version of their XBOX console late next year and is

Durango Development Kit Sold on eBay for $20,000

A luxurious black PC Tower with no description on specs was put up on ebay the other day. The seller claimed that it was the Durango (also known as the next generation Xbox console) development kit, that has now been sold. Oh, the winning bid? Yeah, it’s just an astounding amount of $20,100. Of course,

New Xbox Hinted at in Microsoft Job Listing

A job listing on that recently popped up during all the craziness this week has revealed that, “in the next 18 months” there’s going to be a whole new line of Microsoft products rolling out which could potentially include a whole new Xbox release. The job listing says specifically what the new employee will be

Microsoft Next Gen Gaming Console To Be Named ‘Xbox 8’

Microsoft’s next generation gaming console will be named ‘Xbox 8’ instead of ‘Xbox 720’ according to sources. This is after taking into consideration the fact that it is the eighth generation home console. If the software giant named its upcoming operating systems Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it is logical that it would follow

Leaked Document Hints Xbox 720 Console

Microsoft is currently working on the next iteration of the Xbox gaming console called the Xbox 720. This information comes from a leaked document which also reveals that the device is scheduled to be launched next year. The leaked document is a bit old, dated way August 2010. In it, Microsoft makes mention of then-impending