Xbox Console Streaming

Microsoft Announces Xbox Console Streaming for Android

Microsoft today has announced a new feature that will please Android and Xbox gamers. Known as Xbox Console Streaming, this feature allows users with an Android device to stream practically any Xbox One or Xbox 360 game that they play on their Xbox One including Xbox Game Pass titles. Microsoft specifies that this applies to

galaxy s4 with xbox 360 controller

Things You Can Do with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Xbox 360

The Galaxy S4 definitely deserves its status as the flagship smartphone of Samsung. This is because of its numerous features that are definitely quite useful and more enhanced compatibility with other devices as compared to other smartphones. So, to make your Galaxy S4 experience more fun, we will show you how you can use the


Microsoft to drop $40,000 patch charge on Xbox 360

It seems Microsoft is preparing to reshape the way indie developers go about patching games on the Xbox 360, previously a patch cost around $40,000 and developers only got one free patch update, to make sure they polished the game to the highest standard. This will apparently be waved as Microsoft looks to help indie


Xbox 360 Games released at E3

Microsoft will continue to expand the experience on the Xbox 360, with a few new games coming to the platform. These include the new Grand Theft Auto, although no gameplay has been shown yet. World of Tanks will be coming to Xbox 360 and this marks one of the first moves by Microsoft to include


Xbox 360 redesigned with added benefits for Gold Members

Microsoft is committed to keeping the Xbox 360 relevant and has redesigned the console to look more like the Xbox One. The new console will come with a slightly redesigned Kinect and Xbox 360 controller. This new redesigned console is available today from Microsoft and retail partners. We believe the console will come in different

Microsoft Sells 750,000 Xbox 360s During Black Friday

Microsoft has sold over 750,000 Xbox 360s during Black Friday weekend. While it isn’t much of a surprise, they did surpass their expectations while also surpassing the Wii U’s sales. Nintendo manages to sell 400,000 Wii U’s during Black Friday. Although, the fact that they were experiencing frequent supply shortages may have factored into that

Microsoft now offers 250GB Xbox 360 for $99 with 2-year contract

Microsoft first introduced a subsidized 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect motion sensor back in May offering it for $99 with a 2-year Xbox Live Gold contract. This is in line with the company’s campaign to making its prime gaming console the ultimate entertainment hub for families. The campaign achieved dramatic success especially in gaming communities

Microsoft References New Xbox for the First Time Ever

The world is watching Microsoft. Not for crazy new technologies or the next big iPhone insanity but simply for a new Xbox. Current PC hardware and even Tablet hardware is completely blowing the Xbox out of the water when it comes to hardware. An Xbox being able to handle around 30 frames per second is

Xbox 360 Getting the SmartGlass Technology

Microsoft  has revealed a new innovation during the current 2012 E3 video game trade show called the Xbox SmartGlass. SmartGlass is a system that seamlessly connects various gadgets such as the cellphone, the tablet, the PC, and the television to the Xbox. The result is an easy way to access information on these devices with