New MacBook Air Owners Having WiFi Problems

The new MacBook Air has some prominent updates, especially on battery life, but one issue has cropped up on lots of different Apple forums and support boards, the WiFi. While the new MacBook Air has support for 802.11ac, the newest WiFi standard allowing users to connect faster and with more speed, it seems there is something wrong with


iAds will allow developers to advertise for a small amount

When Apple unveiled iAds, it was touted as the next generation advertising service, but in the years past it has not penetrated the market as well as many would have liked. The problems do not come out externally, but rather internally, iAds was an expensive advertising solution and Apple had lockdown on the arrangement and formatting of


iTunes Radio announced at WWDC, free with iAds

Apple finally revealed iTunes Radio at the WWDC keynote event, the new streaming music service will be coming with iOS7 and features all the artists from iTunes. iTunes Radio is built into the iOS7 Music app and is free to all users with iAds. Any users with an iTunes Match account will get iTunes Radio


iOS7 beta shown off hours before launch

iOS7 is literally hours away from being released and 9to5mac have been talking to a leaker who has shown a beta version of the new mobile operating system update. The design of the icons will not change and we are not likely to see widgets appear on the OS, but the redesign of every icon has

Apple may announce free iRadio with iAds at WWDC

Apple could be making a big leap in the music streaming universe with iRadio, with the possibility of a free service backed by iAds. This does seem quite unusual for Apple, a company who take pride in overpricing for the luxury. However, Apple have reportedly met with all three big music labels and sold their

WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013 sold out in two minutes

  Anyone saying Apple has lost its touch with fans can just take one look at the title and rethink their ideas. Apple is still one of the most popular companies ever and its events are bigger than life. WWDC is arguably one of the biggest technology events on the year, with Apple putting on