Apple MFi Game Controllers for iOS Hinted at WWDC

Last April, we have reported that Apple is planning to develop its own game controller. Analysts have played down the rumors and Apple refused to comment on the issue. But the recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference finally confirmed that Apple is indeed working on MFi game controllers. Earlier Meetings with Developers In the same report that

Next Generation Mac Pro Hinted by Apple During WWDC

During the keynote address of Phil Schiller in the recently held Worldwide Developers Conference, it was revealed that the next generation Mac Pro is in the works. The new product from the neglected Mac Pro line was said to showcase a couple of new innovations from the company like an improved design, optimized performance with

iBooks on Mac

At WWDC in San Francisco Apple debuted iBooks for Mac, which will allow you to read all of your iBook collection on you Mac; the app will be part of OS X Mavericks which will launch this fall. This native app is to compete with the Kindle app which is available not only on your

New MacBook Air with Intel Haswell Processors

Today at WWDC, Apple has announced a new line of MacBook Airs. The outside looks pretty darn similar to the previous model, and will be available in both 11.6 inch and 13.6 inch models, just like they were previously. The changes are not on the outside this time, but instead on the inside, including a

Apple Has 900k Apps on the App Store

What better way for Apple to start this year’s keynote presentation at WWDC 2013 by talking about the companies accomplishments over the years- Tim Cook has been spending the last quarter of an hour describing a plentiful amount of stats on the success of Apple and in particular it’s iOS mobile operating system. According to

Apple Store Goes down just before WWDC

 It is customary that before a big event like WWDC the online Apple Store will go down and during the keynote presentation the store will be updated, today is no different the Apple store is officially down. Today we are expecting mostly software previews of iOS 7 and iradio and maybe a few pieces of

Apple to stream live video of WWDC to Apple TV

It is almost time for Apples annual developer conference WWDC and the company has officially brought back its  “Apple Events” tab on the Apple TV, this means that the event will be live streamed to all Apple TV’s. A similar channel appeared on the Apple TV last October before Apple announced the iPad mini event,

A Glimpse of the iOS 7 Beta which will be Announced Later Today

In a last minute scoop before the official unveiling of the iOS 7 in the 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference today, the website 9to5mac provided a picture of what the interface of the new operating system for Apple portable devices will possibly look like, which you can see above. Readers should be reminded that the image


iOS7: Will it bring the magic back to Apple’s software?

Apple will reveal the new iOS mobile software upgrade at WWDC tomorrow and it is highly likely the formula has been changed to something more contemporary and radical. Almost everyone has voiced an opinion on iOS’ current form, whether it looks stale or it works well and Apple should keep the winning formula. We believe

low cost iphone

Lower end iPhone will still hit mid-range price tag

Unsurprisingly, the “low cost” iPhone set to be unveiled this year will not cost the bargin price normal low end devices cost and will clock up somewhere in the mid-range market. We didn’t expect Apple to start dropping the price to incredible rates, with the past thirty years of the company founded on making innovative

Apple confirms WWDC 2013 dates tickets go on sale tomorrow

  It’s that time of year again WWDC the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has confirmed that it will be held at Moscone West in San Francisco from June 10th to the 14th. A statement from Phil Schiller senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple said “Developers have had the most prolific and profitable year

Nearly Half Of iOS Developer’s Are Developing For Android As Well.

A survey taken at Apple’s WWDC conference in San Francisco earlier this month revealed some interesting information.  According to the survey 47% of developers polled say that they also develop for Android. Bare in mind the source of the data, we’d say that is an overwhelminly large response, after all these are true to the

EXCLUSIVE: Video Walk Through of Some iOS 5 New Features

This video doesn’t need that much of an introduction.  Just over an hour ago Scott Forstall, VP of IOS for Apple went on stage at WWDC and explained some of the great new features in iOS5.  We got our hands on a device with those features. Sure all the tech blogs will have some hands