Apple iPad mini production starts in China

  Apple’s so-called iPad Mini is one of the most anticipated tablet devices this year, and it’s not surprising at all as all the Apple products are generally awe-inspiring and since Apple has a huge fan base, any device which they manufacture just sells. The iPad mini is an iteration of Apple’s popular tablet device,

Google Releases Statement On Issue With Safari Cookies

A little while ago we wrote about the Wall Street Journals findings and that Google had been caught placing cookies in Safari browsers even if the user had disabled cookies. In a very descriptive post at SAI, Henry Blodget explains exactly what it was that Google was doing and how it may not have been

WSJ Releases App For Android Phones

The Wall Street Journal is one of the top most read newspapers there is and has been around for well over hundred and twenty years. Back in November the WSJ released their application for tablet users and since then those of us that have not transitioned to tablets as of yet have been left out