Gartner: Android Up To 52.5% Of Smartphone Users In Q3

Gartner just released their results for the third quarter of 2011. Worldwide sales of mobile devices increased to 440.5 million units in the third quarter. Amazingly, Nokia is still on top overall. Gartner researchers credit this to sales of feature phones, flip phones and “dumb phones” in emerging markets.  Samsung was in second place overall

Microsoft Jumps Into High Gear On webOS News

That didn’t take long. Fresh on the heels of the news that HP was shutting down their webOS shop, Microsoft has made a very lucrative offer to published webOS developers. Microsoft’s Senior Director of Windows Phone 7 development, Brandon Watson tweeted out to any published webOS developer that Microsoft would give them all the tools

HTC Plans To Release 8 New Smartphones In The Next Three Months

As HTC continues to improve quarter over quarter they are putting their best foot forward and setting goals that would have appeared lofty this time last year. HTC has their eyes set on beating their second quarter results in the third quarter. To do this they must sell more than 13.5 million smartphones in just

Nokia CEO: Android Is Our Main Competition, S&P Lowers Ranking

Nokia’s current CEO, Stephen Elop, spoke to journalists at an event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and revealed more of their strategy to turn Nokia around in 2011.  Nokia, although the largest handset supplier in the world, has been loosing critical footing across the globe amidst the rise of Google’s Android operating system. Elop took a

1-31-2011 The Day Android Took Over The World!

Canalys, is one of the wireless space research companies that is as reliable in the cell phone industry as NPD, Forrester and Nielsen, has declared Android the biggest selling smartphone OS in the world. Rim sold 14.6 million units. Apple sold 16.2 million units, Nokia/symbian sold 31.0 and Android sold 33.3 million units in the

Android is The Smartphone of Choice This Holiday Season

Mashable just completed a poll of over 1500 people. They wanted to know which smartphones they were giving or planning to receive as holiday gifts. In Mashable’s overall poll which asked “What devices are you buying or recieving in Q4 2010” Android beat out iPhone by a whopping 41.2% (Android and 30.6% (iPhone). Possibly the

Verizon Kin is Really Dead This Time

Window’s Phone Central has obtained a Verizon internal memo that clearly states the Kin Studio is officially closing, and despite rumors of a resurrection it’s dead, gone, and over with on January 31, 2011. The Kin One and Kin Two were exclusive to the Verizon Wireless network and social media intensive with a focus on