How to fix LG G6 Plus that won’t turn on (easy steps)

The LG G6 Plus is basically the bigger brother of the company’s flagship and it packs really impressive hardware specs but just like any other smartphones in the market today, it’s not free from errors and problems. Among the most common problems owners have encountered has something to do with the phone’s capability to turn

How to fix your LG Q6 that won’t turn on (easy steps)

Based on experience, if a phone turns off by itself and no longer turns on or responds to your commands, it’s most likely that the firmware has crashed. Such is the case with some of our readers that own the LG Q6. According to some, they just found out that the phone turned off or

What to do if your Sony Xperia L2 won’t turn on (easy fix)

January of this year, Sony rolled out a new addition to its very own Xperia line-ups, a quad-core smartphone dubbed as the Xperia L2. It’s a well-built budget smartphone with surprising range of audio options, wide-angle selfie cam and excellent battery life. But just like any other mid-range smartphones, the new Xperia L2 also has