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Won’t Power On

Galaxy Note 5 Touch Wiz keeps popping up, other issues

You’ve probably heard how awesome the #GalaxyNote5 is. In most respects, this is true. This #Samsung flagship is an amazing electronic beast but it does have its own share of problems. Below are some of the reported issues on this phone taken from mails from our readers: Galaxy Note 5 keeps disconnecting from home Wi-Fi

Galaxy Note 4 “Google Services has stopped” error

After over 2 years since it was initially released, we know for a fact that the #Samsung #GalaxyNote4 is a reliable smartphone with millions of users still actively using it. It is however, not spared from the usual hiccups that affect smartphones today so we share to you some of the problems some readers have

Galaxy S4 freezes and becomes unresponsive during calls

Calls-related issues are sparse, especially in #Samsung devices but we noticed a few of them in the past few weeks so we have decided to publish them here today. Below are the specific #GalaxyS4 call problems addressed in this post: Galaxy S4 phone icon counter not working properly after Lollipop update Galaxy S4 stops working while

Galaxy S6 USB port working intermittently, other charging power issues

For those who are regulars in our site, this post may appear educational rather than a source of technical knowledge on how to fix power- and charging-related issues on a #GalaxyS6. Well, educating Android users is exactly our objective every time we publish a post like this one. Android power issues, particularly devices that won’t

Galaxy S5 lost EFS folder and keeps rebooting, other power boot issues

Rooting and ROMming are fine as long as they work. Sometimes, they can lead to unforeseen consequences, just like any other software/firmware modification if not done properly. Our article today tackles one such issue here together with the usual power/boot issues on a #GalaxyS5. These are the specific topics mentioned in this article: Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 not detecting SIM and SD cards, other power boot issues

Here’s another post that answers some questions posed by our readers regarding their #Samsung #GalaxyS5 phones having problems booting up and detecting SIM and SD cards. While power issues are common among many Android phones, we seldom hear an S5 suddenly stops recognizing a SIM and SD cards almost at the same time. Keep reading below