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Fix Samsung Galaxy A20 that won’t connect to WiFi

Being one of the mid-range devices the company just recently released, the Samsung Galaxy A20 actually has some impressive hardware specs. So, functions like connecting to a WiFi network and other wireless services should work without a hitch. However, some of the users reported because their devices won’t connect to their WiFi networks anymore. This

Galaxy Note 5 connection issues after Marshmallow update, other issues

Here’s another collection of #GalaxyNote5 issues for you today. We hope that the solutions we provide here will help our ever-growing community. Galaxy Note 5 connection issues after Marshmallow update Galaxy Note 5 keeps rebooting by itself Galaxy Note 5 intermittent SMS issue during the night Galaxy Note 5 does not power on Galaxy Note

Galaxy S6 Edge stops internet connection when browsing, other issues

Samsung’s #GalaxyS6Edge is a great phone in its own right and we only receive lesser amount of mails from our readers asking for help regarding this device compared to the S6. However, one such issue caught our attention so we decide to publish it together with other #GalaxyS6 problems. Below are the specific topics mentioned here