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Won’t Boot Up

Galaxy S7 frequently drops calls due to poor signal, other issues

Some of the common issues we’ve received from #GalaxyS7 users are related to connectivity so we include two of them in this post. We published another S7 post earlier that might interest you as well. For more S7 issues and solutions though, feel free to visit the main Galaxy S7 troubleshooting page here. And below are

Galaxy S6 fails to boot normally after a failed update, other issues

As you may have already known, updates can sometimes cause problems instead instead of fixing some. That’s because there’s simply too many variables that developers cannot deal all at once. The interplay of operating system and apps can sometimes lead to conflicts that developers may not have anticipated. We hope that this post can help those looking

Galaxy S6 S Voice app not working properly, other issues

It’s been a week since the new #GalaxyS7 was released. We know a lot of Samsung fans are considering of maybe switching to the latest flagship so let’s say how that goes in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here are some of the #GalaxyS6 issues we’ve received from members of our community. We hope

Galaxy S4 won’t update to Android Lollipop, other issues

Looking for a solution to your #GalaxyS4 problem? Continue reading and you may find this post helpful. Below are some of the problems shared by some members of our community regarding their Galaxy s4 device. If you want to look for more previously posted articles about the S4, please head over to this page. Galaxy

Galaxy Note 5 cannot be unlocked, other boot issues

Looking for ways how to go around that pesky #GalaxyNote5 lock screen? This post today may help you. We also include other power-related issues in this article to help those struggling with them. Below are the specific topics discussed in this article: Galaxy Note 5 cannot be unlocked Verizon Galaxy Note 5 no longer sending

Sprint Galaxy S5 Problems, Errors & How To Fix Them [Part 2]

Dear readers! Welcome to the 2nd part of our Sprint Galaxy S5 Troubleshooting series. While we already have an existing series for the S5, we found it necessary to publish support articles for our readers who explicitly mentioned their service provider or carrier. This is one of our ways to provide personalized support, although, we