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10 Best Bluetooth Headsets For iPhone 8

The majority of popular smartphone brands are moving toward providing devices that are completely free of extra fluff, and more recently, that has been in the form of a headphone jack. While this is a great way to eliminate excess, it can be hard to decide on a good Bluetooth headset, just because there’s so

7 Best Wireless Headphones For Galaxy S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is supposed to be bigger and badder than its little brother, the Galaxy S10, right? That’s not entirely true in every way — you get a bigger screen, as well as a larger battery. Other than that, much remains the same, including the audio. If you didn’t like the audio levels

Best Bluetooth headsets of 2019 (so far)

If you thought ranking the world’s best Android smartphones, tablets or wearable devices was difficult, considering ever-increasing competition, the sheer sizes of the three markets and diversity of consumer preferences and budgets, we’d like to see you try to compile a mobile accessories top picks’ list. There are so many things to factor in when

Best Bluetooth earbuds available today

To make sure you don’t go for a pair of outdated earbuds therefore, we’ve decided to already refresh the list of best Amazon picks. But this time, we’re ruling out mono, single-ear headsets primarily meant for initiating and answering voice calls hands-free. We’re also not focusing on high-end, pricey, audiophile-centric over-the-ear headphones like the Beats

Headphones Under $50 in 2019 - TaoTronics Active Noise Canceling

5 Best Wireless Headphones For Moto G7

Motorola’s latest mid-range device is here — the Moto G7. Being a mid-range handset, it’s just not going to have the best speakers inside the device. Audio is generally one of the areas that is neglected when it comes to cheaper, more budget-friendly devices. That’s why you need a pair of wireless headphones to go

Headphones Under $50 in 2019

5 Best Wireless Headphones For Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is finally here, and while it has several improvements over last year’s flagships, including in the audio department, you still might want to pick yourself up a pair of wireless headphones for the Galaxy S10. Why? Wireless headphones have several benefits over the stock speakers. For one, they allow you to listen

[Deal] Jabra Sport Pace wireless Bluetooth earbuds for $39.99

The Jabra Sport Pace Bluetooth headphones can now be purchased via eBay for just $39.99. These headphones are completely wireless, making them suitable for your early morning runs or gym sessions. This is as good as they get, really, especially considering the price quoted by the seller. There’s no telling how long it will remain