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Android Market Share vs. Apple, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian

What is Android’s Market Share? How is Android dominating the smartphone OS battle in the United States? According to the most recent data that was collected in May 2013, Android has a 52.4% market share, or 13.2% more than its fiercest competitor, Apple. Apple, for its part, only has 39.2%. Following the Cupertino company is

Windows 8.1 to support ultra high-resolution 7-, 7.5-, 10.6-inch tablets

Microsoft revealed that the Windows 8.1 operating system will support in terms of scaling ultra-high resolutions on tablets measuring 7 inches, 7.5 inches, and 10.6 inches diagonally. The announcement came indirectly during a session on creating apps for various screen sizes during the Microsoft Build developer conference. One 7-inch tablet in Microsoft’s developer tools list

Xbox Music

Xbox Music redesign revealed alongside new Windows 8.1 apps

Microsoft is making a few last minute tweaks ahead of Windows 8.1, but the music app seems to have had the most work done to it. The new Xbox Music interface was revealed in leaked builds of Window 8.1 along with a redesigned Windows Store for app purchasing. Microsoft have put a lot of work

600 Store-in-Store Windows Shops Coming To Best Buy Stores in America

Advertising their technology online doesn’t seem to be enough for Microsoft- The tech giant in charge of all things Windows has recently announced their partnership with Best Buy to bring a Windows store-within-a-store in 500 Best Buy stores in the United States, and 100 stores in Canada. The new stores will be used to showcase

Acer Iconia W3 8-inch Windows tablet now up for pre-order

The Acer Iconia W3, touted as the world’s first 8-inch Windows tablet, is now available for pre-order from various online retailers. You can purchase the 32GB model of the tablet from Office Depot for $350, or for the slightly higher price of $380 from Staples. A 64 GB model, meanwhile, is available at [easyazon-link asin=”B00CM1BN5Q”

Tizen will be Among the Top 3 Mobile OS According to Analyst

Currently, the smartphone industry is dominated by the iOS and Android platforms, which are owned respectively by Apple and Google. The two are followed by Windows Phone 8, the BlackBerry 10, Ubuntu, Firefox and some others. But with the high popularity of the Samsung brand in the mobile phone market, a report from Bloomberg said

AMD No Longer Just Bound To Windows OS, Now Open to Android

AMD chips are no longer just limited for Windows-based devices. A new report from PCWorld said its manufacturer is now considering expanding its line of operations to include computing devices plus smartphones and tablets that are running under the Android and Chrome operating systems. Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager of global business

Next version of Facebook for windows phone goes into beta

  Many windows phone users complain that they do not get the same treatment as android or iOs users enjoy. But, Facebook is making sure that this isn’t the case with their products as Facebook along with Microsoft have released a new beta program known as Facebook for windows phone beta app program.   As the name

Nokia Chat Beta released for Lumia and Asha devices

  Nokia is known for its exclusive apps and many users in fact buy a Nokia device for these apps. They make the device unique from other phones in the market, a trait that most Lumia users cherish. One such Lumia exclusive app released by the company is the Nokia Chat. Although the app is

Facebook Home

Facebook adds Chat Heads to iOS, Cover Feed may come next

Facebook is adding a rather redundant version of Chat Heads to its Facebook 6.0 iOS update, allowing users to talk anywhere inside the app. This means Chat Heads will not pop up on the home-screen or in any other app. This may change however, with Facebook and Apple in negotiations currently surrounding Facebook Home. Unlike Android, which

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Update – Scheduled For the Holidays?

There are rumors in the air that an improved Windows Phone might be in the coming and the source of these entire buzz is the manufacturer itself. As we all know that Microsoft usually maintains a hush-hush stratagem regarding its business strategy, new launches or updates; the sudden activities on its job board searching for