The Race to the Bottom: The Golden Age of Apps, 2008-2013

The past five years will one day be described as the golden age of apps. Over one million applications were developed in this period. In the first part of this series, I explained why further growth in the smartphone market was based on converting feature phone users to smartphone users. Large growth in the market


Former Nokia CEO starts new company Newkia

When Nokia decided to sell its Device’s Division to Microsoft for $7.71 billion, many in the Finnish company felt this was the end of a rather dark period, where the company took $250 million exclusive deals from Microsoft every three months, to make sure the Nokia did not move onto the Android platform. Nokia has


Microsoft acquires Nokia, crushing any hope of an Android Lumia

It was announced today that Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s Device Division for $7.71 billion, this will mean half of Nokia will split into Microsoft, with the other half sticking and reforming the company. The deal will include all of Nokia’s hardware line, including manufacturing factories. 32,000 Nokia employees are expected to move to Microsoft and Redmond

HTC drifting away from Windows Phone to work on Android

HTC, the once great Android manufacturer, has fell into dire problems these past few years, with their marketshare dropping on Android from 40% to about 20% as Samsung continues to dominate and the Android marketplace becomes more crowded. The HTC One may have been a lifesaver for the company, but it has not changed everything

The Smartphone Wars: Where to now?

Whether you are an Android fanboy or hater, there is one thing everyone has to acknowledge. Android has been the operating system which has allowed the leaps and bounds we have seen in smartphone hardware. From smartphones with a single core processor and HVGA (320 x 480 pixels) displays, to octa-core devices with Full HD

Why the Android-iPhone Duopoly will not be Broken

Jolla is prepping for the launch of its new smartphone with its new Sailfish OS. Jolla is hoping that its offering will allow it to break the Android-iPhone duopoly. And it is not the only one. CNET wrote that 2013 appears to be the year of the alternative smartphone OS, with Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, and

Android is the Great Equalizer

Nokia, BlackBerry, and Apple all enjoyed a period when they dominated the smartphone market. These companies were successful not only because of good hardware. What kept Nokia and BlackBerry dominant for so such a long time was software and a proprietary operating system, with proprietary services supported by a good third party app ecosystem. While

Nokia Told To Take Up Android Before It’s Too Late

Nokia used to be the leader in the mobile phone business but their dominance has already been overshadowed by aggressive platforms such as the Android and iOS. Some of the reasons attributed to the company’s weakened market share was its reliance on Symbian as their smartphone platform of choice as well as their late use

Why BlackBerry is launching BBM for Android and iOS

Why is BlackBerry seeding BBM to Apple iOS and Google Android? It is part of their strategy to take down Windows Phone. BlackBerry was placed on death watch in the middle of 2012. Rapidly slowing sales was the reason. In the last quarter of 2012, BlackBerry sold just over 7.3 million handsets, representing 3.5% of


Acer will not develop a Windows Phone until there is more demand

Acer’s Allen Burnes said in a report today the company would not develop any more Windows Phone’s until the demand for the OS is higher. Currently Windows Phone stands at a dismal 4% of the market, compared to Android with 70% of the smartphone map. However, Windows Phone has significantly less smartphones on the market. Acer

Microsoft paying $100,000 out to Windows Phone apps

Microsoft is currently paying $100,000 for app developers to port their various apps to Windows Phone. This is pushing the Windows Phone Store to a new level, while BlackBerry sits on the hope developers will port their apps. The company obviously believes third party influential apps are the key to mobile sales and despite being

Windows Phone Screenshots Leaked to Show 8.1 UI

We all know Windows Phone 8.1 is coming. What Windows Phone 8.1 will actually consist of though is a different story. I’m hoping for a completely revitalized system that will give users a more streamlined experience, as well as some new features that may give us reason to purchase an Xbox One, but what will

A Video of How Windows Phone Sparks Interest On A Global Scale

Google may be a huge competitor of Microsoft but thanks to their awesome tool like Google Trends, we were able to see how the Windows Phone has sparked the interest of people globally. In the video we have here, you will actually see how the sphere of influence of Microsoft’s flagship smartphone has spread viral

Next version of Facebook for windows phone goes into beta

  Many windows phone users complain that they do not get the same treatment as android or iOs users enjoy. But, Facebook is making sure that this isn’t the case with their products as Facebook along with Microsoft have released a new beta program known as Facebook for windows phone beta app program.   As the name