The Top Five T-Mobile Smartphones Of 2012

Last week a survey was held aimed at T-Mobile subscribers to vote on their smartphone devices for 2012. The votes are just in and the tabulations show which among the contenders made its way to the top 5. The following devices were among the choices that people were to consider HTC One S Samsung Galaxy

HTC Takes a Dig at the Lumia 920’s Weight

It’s all about light weight phones these days. It’s hard to recall where the trend began basically, but it seems like it’s catching up quite well with manufacturers all across the tech sphere. This is actually something that the companies endorse these days, so light weight phones are a fairly big deal. The iPhone 5,

HTC Unveils New Windows Phone 8X with Beats Audio

There’s a new Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone in town and it’s going to be called as the HTC 8X. Sporting its premium set of features, the flagship handset will be on sale this early November. It will be available in over 50 countries through accredited retailers and major mobile network carriers. The stylish yet