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Windows Phone is dead, Tizen is dead, long live Android!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with competition. In fact, we all welcome it, regardless of personal preferences. Android geeks, Apple fanatics, Windows Phone aficionados, surviving BlackBerry supporters, we may argue all the time and each feel like we’re in possession of the universal truth, which we want bestowed on our clueless “enemies”. But when all is


Samsung Cronus outed as the next Windows Phone 8 device

The Samsung Cronus has been outed as the next Windows Phone 8 device from the South Korea mobile giant, the app Mobile Care references the Cronus as one of the many devices able to use the Samsung app. We have heard previously about the Samsung Cronus, from a user on Reddit stating it could be either


Leaked press photos of Nokia Lumia 1020 show Pro Cam and AT&T

A new press photo has been leaked by evleaks, who have been hammering the Windows Phone hard, spewing out tons of new images and new about the Nokia EOS and other Windows Phone devices. The new image shows the Nokia Lumia 1020, previously codenamed the Nokia EOS, with a body similar to the Lumia 925


Windows Phone 8 will get 1080p support soon

Windows Phone 8 has been gaining small market share in the past year, but comparing it to Android or iOS makes it feel miles away. This could be in part due to Microsoft’s slow advancement with technology allowed on Windows Phone 8. For example, the recent version of Windows Phone 8, GDR2 update, still does


Nokia Lumia 928 on sale for 99 cents at Amazon

It may not be the best time to purchase the Nokia Lumia 928, with the Nokia EOS (Lumia 1020) a month away from release. The Verizon exclusive does have some fancy specs and comes as an alternative to the Lumia 920. Verizon has already offered out the Lumia 928 for $49.99 on a two year


Microsoft says Windows Phone is firmly in third place

Microsoft’s Build developer conference is well underway and while the main focus is on Windows 8.1, a small booth has been set up for Windows Phone and Microsoft officials now believe they are in a solid third place in the smartphone race. BlackBerry has been stuck in the fourth spot since May this year, with