Microsoft Windows RT Ported Onto a HTC HD2

It’s baffling to see how some developers manage to get newest versions of an OS running on a relatively older device. This is crucial for devices which are usually forgotten by its creators. Due to (alleged) hardware limitations, manufacturers quickly write off a device from their update list. The HTC HD2 is one of them.

Microsoft Wanted To Implement Features of WP8 3 Years Ago

Windows Phone OS has taken a turn with Windows Phone 8 by leaving older WP7.x smartphones behind. This was a move criticized by many, yet one which couldn’t have been avoided as Microsoft had to make things more competitive in the mobile space. One of the key elements of the new OS is the change

Bring Windows Phone 7’s interface to Android with Launcher 7

Microsoft has done a great job with the interface of Windows Phone 7, but the operating system in its current state doesn’t have many basic features that you would be expecting from a smartphone. Windows Phone 7 is a struggling platform that represents less than 2% of the world smartphone market. The struggle can be

Nokia Offers Data Gathering App for Windows Phone 7

Fieldworkers using Windows Phone 7 can now take advantage of Nokia’s Data Gathering app as the Finnish company has released a recent update. The version is 4.04, also known as Dazzling Dourado, and it is the result of collaboration among Nokia, Microsoft, and Seton Hall University’s Center for Mobile Research and Innovation. Nokia’s Data Gathering

Nokia Lumia Merely Sold 330,000 Units in the U.S

According to multiple reports, Nokia has only sold 330,000 units of the Lumia smartphones in the U.S. These numbers are including the Lumia 800 and the 710 in addition to AT&T’s Lumia 900. The numbers are surprising especially considering the marketing strategy carried out by Nokia for the Lumia series. That doesn’t seem to have

Nokia Scaling Down Windows Phone 7 Production

What happens when your major cell phone client scales down on their orders? Ask Compal Communications, whose revenue went down 39.5% last June, while worse expectations are foreseen for July. Apparently Nokia is making some serious cuts to their Windows Phone 7 orders and this involves immediately any or all of their current Windows Phone

Lumia more popular than Windows Phone, Google Trends reveals

We’re all aware of the crazy fan following for the Nokia Lumia smartphones. It won’t be wrong to say that the Lumia series gave Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS a huge bump in the market. As soon as the Lumia smartphones made their way to the market especially the Lumia 900, people almost forgot about