First looks: Nokia X

It was a bit of a shocker when Nokia announced its own Android fork at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February. The Finnish company had long been rumored to have an Android device in the works, although with its upcoming acquisition by Microsoft, the chances of Nokia actually launching an Android product were thought

Google apps on the Nokia X: Good for Nokia and Microsoft?

One of the big surprises at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in the previous week was Nokia’s official launch of its X series. The Nokia X, X+ and XL run a forked version of Android, which comes with the Android Open Source Project at the core, plus a Microsoft and Nokia services layer. This

Forking Android: A good ‘Plan B’ for Nokia and Microsoft?

Nokia has launched its Nokia X line, which runs a forked version of Android that features Microsoft services and APIs. Could this be a good “Plan B” for Nokia and Microsoft? It’s official: Nokia has announced its Nokia X series, which comes in three variants: the X, X+ and XL. Nokia X is basically Android

Windows Phone is dead, Tizen is dead, long live Android!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with competition. In fact, we all welcome it, regardless of personal preferences. Android geeks, Apple fanatics, Windows Phone aficionados, surviving BlackBerry supporters, we may argue all the time and each feel like we’re in possession of the universal truth, which we want bestowed on our clueless “enemies”. But when all is

Should Windows Phone run Android apps?

Rumor has it that Microsoft is planning to support Android applications on its Windows Phone platform. Does this make any business sense? This comes right at the heels of what is supposedly a confirmation from insider sources that Nokia is forking Android. Nokia is being acquired by Microsoft, and the Finnish company had been Microsoft’s

Nokia and Normandy: Will Android be good for Microsoft, too?

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is coming in the next few weeks, and manufacturers are expected to make their product announcements either during the event itself or at media conferences done on the side. Samsung, for one, is expected to launch either its flagship S5 or a mid-range series. So are LG, HTC and practically everyone

Normandy: Will the Android-powered Nokia phone ever see the light of day?

Nokia is reportedly developing a low-end device that runs a fork of Android, called Normandy. What could be the implications of this, given the company’s commitment to Windows Phone and the ongoing acquisition by Microsoft? Among manufacturers that build smartphones running the Windows Phone platform, Nokia is perhaps the most committed. The Finnish company actually


Nokita company wants to buy Nokia; offer Android, Linux devices

A company called Nokita aims to beat Microsoft into purchasing Nokia. The company revealed this in a three-minute video which divulges what it plans to do in case its bid proves successful. Among these plans are to eventually create devices that are based on Android, Linux, and Windows Phone. Narrating the company’s background is J.

How to Choose a Smartphone Operating System

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Operating System

Recently, we have covered the elements that you should consider when choosing a smartphone in this set of articles: How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Processor How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Storage Options How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Display How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Connectivity How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Battery Life