Google’s acquisition of WIMM could streamline smartwatch plans

Google has been rumored to be working on a smartwatch like accessory for quite some time now. But those rumors seem to be making more sense now with information of Google’s acquisition of WIMM Labs coming out. The acquisition seemed to have taken place last year but is somehow coming out only now. The report

WIMM Releases WIMM One Module To Developers

When we were at CTIA back in October we had the chance to sit down with Ted from WIMM labs who told us all about the new WIMM One Module. While the module itself may look like a watch, we learned that this Android based device is well suited for any application where a small,

World’s Smallest Android? Introduced by WIMM

It’s a watch, it’s a computer, it’s a mini-tablet? Whatever you want to call it WIMM labs has introduced a 1 inch wearable Android device.¬† You can wear the device around your arm like a wrist watch, or add it to your key ring. You can put it anywhere you want a small Android companion.