CES 2012: Check Out The I’m Watch

Smart wearable devices are becoming a popular category this year. Although the Apple iPad Nano was introduced with the ability to go into a wrist watch holder, other Android watches have been bubbling in development longer. The Meta Watch, WIMM module and now the I’m Watch are three of those Android options. The I’m Watch

WIMM Releases WIMM One Module To Developers

When we were at CTIA back in October we had the chance to sit down with Ted from WIMM labs who told us all about the new WIMM One Module. While the module itself may look like a watch, we learned that this Android based device is well suited for any application where a small,

CTIA: Take A Look At The Android Powered WIMM Module

When you first take a look at the WIMM Module you may immediately think you’re looking at another Android watch implementation. Although the WIMM Module can be used as a watch, with the included watch band, it’s far from just an Android powered watch. The other key differentiator between the WIMM module and the Metawatch,

Another Android Watch Surfaces, This Time By Blue Sky

Last week we learned about a new Android watch, small format design by WIMM Labs. That company is hoping to license it’s technology to other OEM’s to fit it into their small format Android projects.¬† They are also going to sell a limited supply of their prototype watches (once completed) to developers to develop for

World’s Smallest Android? Introduced by WIMM

It’s a watch, it’s a computer, it’s a mini-tablet? Whatever you want to call it WIMM labs has introduced a 1 inch wearable Android device.¬† You can wear the device around your arm like a wrist watch, or add it to your key ring. You can put it anywhere you want a small Android companion.