Signal Wars Season 2 Filming Now And You Can Win

Signal Wars is back and over the next five weeks we’ll be all over the country looking for people who are signally challenged on their smartphone. We want you in our next Signal Wars videos with Wilson Electronics. If you have signal issues a Wilson Electronics Sleek can help you out and not only that

Signal Wars Episode 1: Neil In Oklahoma City

We’re traveling across the country twice, this week and then starting Friday the 13th. Between now and January 16th make sure if you have signal problems you tweet us @thedroidguy with hashtag #wilsonsaves and if you’re lucky we’ll come check out your signal issues and you may win a free Wilson Electronics Sleek signal booster.

On The Road Again With Wilson Electronics

ON THE ROAD WITH WILSON ELECTRONICS by Thedroidguy Thedroidguy and Wilson Electronics have teamed up six times over the last three years to go road tripping across the country on the way to the big industry conventions.  We’ve been to Las Vegas, San Diego, Austin, Orlando, San Francisco and more. We’ve made lots of silly

Wilson Boosts The 4G LTE’s Now Too! Wanna Win One?

Our good friends at Wilson Electronics have a big trick up their sleeves planned for CES on Tuesday. That’s when they are officially releasing their 4G/LTE signal booster. We were first told about the 4G/LTE signal booster under embargo at CTIA in San Diego this fall. While the device completed FCC testing we were really

Gelaskins Helps You Wrap Your Tab!

While we were combing through our 8,432,321 CES conference requests we are constantly looking for products that may be in the I-Lounge or designed for iPhone that have hopes, plans or ideas to move over to Android as well. Every once in a while we catch a gem in the rough at not just CES

10 Questions With Wilson Electronics

Wilson Electronics is a company out of Utah that’s in the cell phone signal amplification business.  We had a chance to speak with them after Cameron reviewed their Sleek product. We’ve tested several commercially available “signal improvement devices” and found that Wilson Electronics offers some of the best products in that category in the marketplace.

Review: The Best Portable Cell Signal Booster, The Wilson Sleek

The Wilson Sleek is a mobile cell signal booster.  It comes with a magnetic mini-antenna, mini-USB auto power cord, and a cradle which boosts the signal as well as holds the phone.  I was also sent some of the additional accessories, a home kit with Antenna Window Mount, Adjustable Suction Cup Cradle Mount, and AC