wikipad tablet

Wikipad gaming tablet hitting UK on September 27

The Wikipad gaming tablet landed on American shelves a couple of months ago. And now, the company has announced official availability of the tablet in the UK. The tablet will arrive in the region on September 27 with a price tag of £249.99 ($386). That’s a little too much as the American variant costs only

Wikipad Gaming Tablet Gets Hands-On by One Lucky User

  The game-changing Wikipad is only one step closer from getting in the hands of gamers who love the Android platform everywhere, but there was one lucky user that got to see the Wikipad in action, courtesy of its creator James Bower. What we’ve seen right off the bat is that users are treated to

Wikipad Gaming Tablet’s Official Specs Sheet

The WikiPad gaming tablet was launched in January during the 2012 CES.  Back then, it was just an idea and there has not been so much anticipation on it because it did not look like anything different.  Today, however, we can reveal that the 8 Inch gaming tablet has been through a number of changes