Wikipad Android Gaming Tablet Now Priced At $199

Here’s good news for consumers looking for an Android gaming device. The Wikipad gaming tablet has just lowered its price in the United States to $199 from its usual selling price of $249.  This device which was originally priced at $499 when it was first announced is a 7-inch tablet that comes with a detachable

Wikipad Gamevice Is a Detachable Gamepad For Mobile Devices

Wikipad introduced a new product aimed at mobile gamers which is expected to be released later this year. The company, which is best known for making the Wikipad tablet, announced the Gamevice which is a split type controller that expands and contracts to fit almost any mobile device. Its purpose is to provide physical buttons

Wikipad Android gaming tablet to finally hit stores on June 11

The Wikipad Android gaming tablet is finally hitting stores in the US on June 11th for the price of $249. Retailers such as TigerDirect, Walmart, and BestBuy will be offering the device initially, but the Wikipad team hopes to partner with more retailers in the future. This launch comes long after the device was officially

Wikipad Announces $249 7-Inch Gaming Tablet

Remember the 10 inch gaming tablet shown by Wikipad a couple of months ago? It looks like the company is delaying that project and instead pushing to the market a smaller model first. The company has recently announced that they will be releasing sometime in the spring of this year a 7 inch Wikipad tablet

Wikipad Gaming Tablet’s Official Specs Sheet

The WikiPad gaming tablet was launched in January during the 2012 CES.  Back then, it was just an idea and there has not been so much anticipation on it because it did not look like anything different.  Today, however, we can reveal that the 8 Inch gaming tablet has been through a number of changes