There Will Be No Unreal Engine 4 For Wii U

Epic Games’s next-gen technology, Unreal Engine 4, won’t be available for the Nintento Wii U, a report on Gamespot said. Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein said in several media reports that they won’t be making the Unreal Engine 4 available to current game consoles, including Nintendo’s Wii U, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation

Microsoft Sells 750,000 Xbox 360s During Black Friday

Microsoft has sold over 750,000 Xbox 360s during Black Friday weekend. While it isn’t much of a surprise, they did surpass their expectations while also surpassing the Wii U’s sales. Nintendo manages to sell 400,000 Wii U’s during Black Friday. Although, the fact that they were experiencing frequent supply shortages may have factored into that

Wii U Specs Released Thanks To Eurogamer’s Investigation

We’ve all be wondering since Nintendo announced their console as to how powerful it’s actually going to be. Is it going to be more powerful than its predecessor the Wii, or even the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3? Is it just going to be another cruddy system and really won’t live up to all of

Nintendo Wii U to Launch on November 18th

There has been rumors going on about the official release date of Wii U release, which was rumored to be November 18. This date was leaked by game accessory maker PDP at the GameStop Manager conference. At the conference, PDP was displaying their latest and greatest, when all of a sudden, PDP supposedly claimed that

Wii U Price Possibly Will Be Revealed On September 13th

Like many other companies have been, Nintendo is going to be holding a special media event on September 13th of 2012 which happens to only be a few weeks away! Invitations have been sent out to various media outlets that are located in New York City for a “Wii U Preview” that will take place

Wii U is as good as Xbox 360 says Microsoft

The Wii U is a new upcoming video game console by the Japanese multinational, Nintendo, and is the successor of Wii, a home game video console that was launched back in 2006. Wii competes with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The Wii U features an all new controller which is named as GamePad. It incorporates traits from both,