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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus WiFi connection keeps dropping

If your WiFi connection keeps dropping while you’re using your premium phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the issue could be minor and temporary. Needless to say, you may be able to fix it on your own without bringing the phone back to the store or shop. Network issues are often very easy to

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 WiFi keeps dropping or disconnecting

Connectivity issues are among the most common problems any smartphone users may encounter from time to time. Even the owners of the new powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be able to encounter this problem. But the good thing is, it’s not really that serious of a problem and you may be able to fix

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi connection that keeps dropping, intermittent Wi-Fi connection [Troubleshooting Guide]

Network connectivity issues in mobile devices are inexorable. They can occur with different symptoms from intermittent connection to no connection at all. Several factors should be considered looking into when dealing with network problems from the network equipment, account status, outage, and settings. The solutions I mapped out below are used to deal with a

How to fix a Galaxy A60 that won’t connect to a WiFi network

Some of our readers that own the Samsung Galaxy A60 have been complaining about some network-related issues. The most common of all is regarding WiFi connectivity. Some owners said their phones won’t connect to a network, while others reported that the signal drops every now and then. These are, of course, the most common symptom

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy A40 with WiFi that keeps dropping

When a smartphone like your Samsung Galaxy A40 keeps dropping its WiFi connection, you can always expect it to be an issue with the software. It may be due to a glitch in the system that some network services stopped working. However, it is also a possible problem with the network device. As you know,

Fix a Samsung Galaxy A40 that keeps disconnecting from WiFi network

Internet connection is pretty important and nowadays, your smartphone has to be connected to the web most of the time. However, some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A40 have contacted us because their device reportedly keeps disconnecting from the network. Such problem can be pretty annoying but most of the time, it’s not really that

Samsung Galaxy A30 that keeps disconnecting from WiFi network

Some of the owners of the Samsung Galaxy A30 have been complaining because their device keeps disconnecting after the most recent update. The thing is, if this problem occurs after a firmware or app update, you can almost be certain that the problem is with the firmware or software-related. But if the problem started after

Fix a Samsung Galaxy A10 with WiFi connection that keeps dropping

The Samsung Galaxy A10 seems to be a very stable device. Despite being an entry-level phone, it runs on Google’s latest Android 9 firmware and Samsung’s One UI. Some owners have encountered a few hiccups here and there and among the most common is when the WiFi connection drops without apparent reason or cause. Most