LG G3 Widgets

New Quick Window lockscreen widgets from the LG G3 leaked

If you’ve not had enough of the LG G3 leaks already, Evleaks has a new one. The image you see above is apparently of the wide range of lockscreen widgets that the smartphone is launching with. And since the G3 is expected to support the Quick Window cover with a circular opening, all the widgets will

Beautiful Widgets Version 5 Released, Adds Full Jelly Bean Support

LevelUp Studio has just announced the release of Beautiful Widgets 5, which is a brand new version of their widget suite. Some new features in this latest version include full Jelly Bean support, including rich notifications, along with Android 4.2 specific features like lock screen widgets and the “Daydreams” feature. LevelUp Studio has also added

Review: HD Widgets

Available On: Android Price: $1.99 Download: Google Play HD Widgets by Cloud.tv is one of the best ways to customize your weather, clock and switch widgets. It is highly customizable and is currently the best widget app that is currently out on the Google Play store. It does have a price point of $1.99 but

Essential Widgets

One of my favorite features in Android is the ability to use widgets to help display information that is vital to me.  I’m guessing there are thousands of different applications that come with built-in widgets.  The two that I am focusing on today are not part of an app…they are stand alone products that offer

Intro to Android – Settings

Welcome back to our ongoing series, Introduction to Android. Our purpose is to demonstrate basic features of the Android Operating system for new users. Today I am going to give a brief demonstration of the basic settings for phone. I will show you the access for wireless controls, brightness, volume, etc. and the fastest way

Weekly Segment – Intro to Android [Widgets]

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online The android community has been exploding with new users every day. All over the place I am seeing people with every kind of Android phone, and everyone is using their new handhelds just a little bit differently. Then I realized that very few of these people have a