White Nexus 4 re-appears on UK retailer website

After dropping the white Nexus 4 from the US Google Play store, it has re-appeared on Expansys, a UK retailer who has managed to grab hold of stock after Google said the limited time offer had finished. The only place with white Nexus 4 stock sold out is the US, whereas other places like the


White Nexus 4 could be coming to Canada tomorrow

Even though Google has just discontinued the White Nexus 4 in the US, they may be preparing to launch it in Canada tomorrow, with news hitting us that the Google Play Store, Wind Mobile and Videotron will all stock the white edition. The main carriers in Canada will not carry the white Nexus 4 it


Limited edition white Nexus 4 has completely sold out

The white Nexus 4 was never meant to be a viable option for all users, it was a limited edition choice for those that were craving a new colour style on the Nexus 4, after months of black. LG and Google have had major supply problems with the Nexus 4 and for the first few

White Nexus 4 now available on the play store

The much awaited White Nexus 4 is now available on the play store. Rumors about a White version of the device was circulating the web for around a month but it was only this Tuesday that LG confirmed the white variant. And within a few days of this announcement, the device is up for grabs


White Nexus 4 set to launch on June 10

  It may not need its own event, but the white LG Nexus 4 could be a fan favourite, with media buzz surrounding the smartphone continuing despite it not being released at Google I/O. We have seen plenty of pictures in the wild and Android Police apparently got a few official images of the new white

Android Weekly: Noteworthy News Stories From Last Week

Last week was pretty eventful for a number of reasons. Wednesday was host to the BlackBerry 10 announcement, which has been widely talked about over the course of the week. The announcement of the Z10 and the Q10 managed to impress us all, and there were plenty of comparisons being made too, which we love.

White LG Nexus 4 Spotted in the Wild

Google’s current flagship Nexus smartphone, the LG made Nexus 4 is somewhat of a mystery to a lot of us out there. Mystery because there are plenty of us who have no idea what the smartphone feels like and that’s entirely due to LG’s limited supply of the smartphone. The supply issues haven’t been sorted