Disney Announces New Games for Mobile Devices

Disney has a few titles on Android and iOS which have been widely popular among the masses. One such game which comes to mind is Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry. The Disney developer house also has Temple Run: Brave under its belt which was a movie mashup of the original Temple Run and

Where’s my Perry? Update Released Today

Disney’s game, Where’s my Perry? that I did a review on around a week ago just released an update today. It seems that we did not get a content update as many had thought. It’s been almost a month or two since the game came out and we have not received any of the free

Review: Where’s My Perry? – A Puzzle Game By Disney

Available On: Android, iOS Price: $0.99 Download: Google Play | iTunes Disney is great at making puzzle games. Unfortunately their line up isn’t that unique or innovative; creative even. I personally, love the different puzzle games that are out on the Android market. I find them to be very fun and often challenging enough to